Leigh and Daniel

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How We Met

I met Daniel out one night in Fortitude Valley via our mutual friends at the time.

I saw him a few weeks later and told his bestie I thought he was good looking and was interested.

Daniel ended up coming up to me at our local pub and said ‘so I heard you like me hey…?’

Lol ……

We chatted throughout the night and decided we’d see each other again.

We haven’t been separated fro more than a few days since that night.

The last 10 years has flown by and we’ve built a long lasting love based on being best friends. Friendship.

I’m so glad I told his mate I liked him……

how they asked

I knew I was flying to Sydney, which I thought was a work event for Daniel. Once I arrived at the Brisbane airport I was booked into business class which I though was a bit unusual for a work event.

Once in Sydney I had a private chauffeur approach me with my name on sign. I got instant butterflies thinking to myself what is going on…..

Once in the Bentley, the chauffeur passed me a love letter – which read that Daniel had a surprise for me and to follow the steps I was going to receive in each letter.

I asked the driver where we were going and what was happening, but he wouldn’t let anything out except for his comment- “Someone sure dose love you!!!”

We arrived at a jetty in Double Bay in Sydney. The driver said just walk down there and pointed to a very large super yacht parked against the jetty. I was in shock!

The staff on the yacht pulled me aboard and handed me a glass of Veuve, my favorite champagne and another love letter….which read “enjoy the ride, I’ll be with you soon”.

I sat and enjoyed the view of the Sydney Harbor Bridge from my very own 120 foot yacht on a such perfect day. What else could a girl want!!

We arrived at an Island in Sydney, where I could see a photographer snapping photos as we pulled up.

There was chalk board signage directing me to keep walking and to follow the signs.

I couldn’t stop laughing at the time with the photographer following me.

I still hadn’t seen Daniel…. as I walked around the corner I could see him standing at the end of the island on the edge of the water, surrounded by rose petals, a picnic blanket and more champagne.

As I walked over we were both giggling and kissed and said I love you.

He dropped too one knee and asked -Will you Marry Me?

I didn’t even look at the ring when he dropped and asked I was like Yes Yes Yes !!!!!!! and Daniel said “put the ring on then”….it was perfect!

After we took some photos on the island and had a few drinks we got back on the yacht.

We enjoyed a perfect afternoon cruising around Sydney Harbour and enjoying the sights.

Daniel had booked us into the Park Hyatt for the weekend. We were lucky enough that the yacht dropped us back at the dock next to the Park Hyatt reception. It was quite the entrance.

We enjoyed a beautiful dinner in the Opera House at Bennelong, it couldn’t have been more perfect.

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