Leia and Jerald

How They Asked

We were already talking about doing a photo shoot to add to the portfolio of our very talented photographer friend, Rey. So driving drove down to Costa Mesa from LA felt like part of the plan and just a regular day! We arrived, where Rey revealed a beautiful spot to shoot that was very secluded. No one could be seen in the far distance.

Leia and Jerald's Engagement in Noguchi Garden, Costa Mesa

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Noguchi Garden, Costa Mesa

For the last shot, we arrived at a spot with the greenest, most lush grass. Vibrant green grass was a rare and exciting sight since we were in the middle of the California drought! Rey directed me to “look to the right, at the tree.” Once he allowed me to relax, I turned around and suddenly saw a full sea of familiar faces. Not two seconds ago was the area was completely empty. Confused, I turned to look at Jay who was down on one knee, in a perfect lunge. Reaching out, ring in a box.

“Are you ready?”

The rest was a whirlwind, and it was perfect.

Special Thanks

Reymark Palcon
 | Photographer