Leeanna and Rick


How We Met

We met 4 years ago when we were introduced through mutual family friends. We were both in relationships at the time, and unfortunately I don’t really even remember meeting him. He definitely does though, and I am not sure if he is ever going to let me live it down that I don’t remember. When I broke up with the guy I had been dating for a while, we were reintroduced, I definitely remembered this time, and he asked me to go on a a date with him when I came back to my hometown during the Spring of 2016 from a break from school.

We decided to drive separately and meet at the restaurant just in case we ended up hating it and needing an out. This was fortunately not the case at all! We ate appetizers, drank Moscow Mules, and made each other laugh the entire evening. Him being the perfect gentleman he is, made sure we ended the date at a decent time since I had to go back to my parents house where I was staying for the week. At the end of the night, we shared our first kiss, which my perfect gentleman was to nervous to initiate, so I had to be the one. On his way home, he immediately called his sister and told her “I AM going to marry that girl”, and 6 months later he got down on one knee and made it all happen.

how they asked


During the summer I had taken him to visit my favorite place in the whole world, American Basin outside of Lake City, Colorado. It is the along the trailhead to my favorite fourteener here in Colorado, and one of the most memorable and breathtaking views in this world. I had told him how special the location was to me and how badly I wanted to share this amazing view with him.


Little did I know, even before visiting, since he knew that it was my favorite place, that he was already planning a proposal there. It may have been due to the fact that I never stopped talking about it or showing him photos and gawking.

Then in September, over labor day weekend, we took advantage of the long weekend off from nursing school and work and took another trip to Lake City to stay in my grandmas vacation house. She met us there, and was in on the plan the whole time! Friday and Saturday the two of them were naming off ideas for ways for he and I to spend the day on Sunday. She was very adamant about he and I taking a trip to American Basin for a picnic that Sunday. I brushed it off multiple times, I wasn’t sure what the weather was going to do since it had been very cloudy and rainy the days prior. Sunday rolled around with blue skies above us and he packed us a picnic lunch. We headed down the road in the truck to the very rough, very long trek to American basin on the 4-wheel drive only trail up to 12,000 feet above sea level. It is a rough ride, but so worth it!

When we finally got there, we walked into the meadow where he found us a perfect spot to lay down our blanket and share a sandwich and bask at the view ahead of us. When I asked if he was ready for the other sandwich, he told me he wasn’t hungry, which wasn’t a common thing with him, but I didn’t look too much into it, maybe the altitude got to him! At the end of our lunch, he commented on the fact that he still hadn’t given me my birthday gift which had been the week earlier. He pulled a gift bag out of his backpack. I opened the package and inside there was a book! It was a “LoveBook” he had made.

The story written was the story of us and every page had a date, some even with the times (like when our first text message was sent!) It included the day he met my grandma and my dog (two of the most important family members), the day we made our relationship official, the date of the first time he told me loved me, and the all the details of the first summer we spent together.


As I got to the end of the book, I read the last pages which said “Friday, September 2nd we took a trip to our favorite place” I began to shake with excitement and nervousness. I turned the page again and read, “We take a nice day trip to American Basin to have a picnic.” At this point I could not believe what was happening, I read the next page that said “Sunday September 4th, 2016…”. I looked up at him with tears in each of our eyes and read the next page “the day I ask…”


After I read these words, I looked up from the story, our story happening right in front of me, as he got down on his knee and began to pull the ring out of his pocket. He promoted me to turn the page where I read, “Will you marry me?”. We laughed and cried and I exclaimed “YES!”




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