Lee and Rox

Wedding Proposal Ideas in At home

How We Met

Chance 2.0: We are two wonderful people who had met others first. We experienced life and knew what we liked, wanted, and needed.

The past is our past and it made us who we are. Meeting each other finally in our second chance of love has made us whole.

Lee's Proposal in At home

How They Asked

It was getting close to Christmas and we were traveling to meet my family. Roxy had not met some of them and we don’t get to go often so I wanted to propose before we left so that they could officially welcome her to the family before the wedding day.

We are YouTubers and we were going to record Wednesday night. So I knew having the camera out would not be a giveaway.

I got off early from work to clean the house before she got home from work. I dressed up in my tux and sat and waited for her to come home. This felt like the longest 30 minutes of my life.

When she finally got home I was so nervous yet I knew I wanted to still surprise her as much as I could.

We are like big children and always refer to dinosaurs thanks to my nephew who would just roar at people.

When she came home I got done on my knee and asked her to be my raptor! Obviously to throw her off the scent. And she responded exactly how I imagined. “Yea” and then started to turn around.

That’s when I picked up the ring and then said: “how about my wife?” Her reaction was priceless send I have researched her reaction at least 1000 times in 4 months. It makes my heart melt every time.

After she realized what was going on she leaned over to big me and our beautiful Chihuahua started barking and celebrating our new family unity.

I have no regrets and can not wait to say those two words to make it official!!!

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