Lee and Patrick

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How We Met

I was sober and dragged out by my girlfriends to be the mom for the night. My expectations were very low on how the night would turn out. That was until we entered the bar and I saw Patrick. At first, it was his insanely good looks that caught my eye. Once we made our way towards each other and started talking our chemistry was undeniable. A match made in heaven. We held hands and talked all night long. The rest is history. After two weeks we were dating and a week later were saying we loved each other. Here we are 32 months later and closer than ever.

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how they asked

Patrick told me to get dressed up because we had a surprise “date night”. Most people, at this point in the story, roll their eyes and say “how did you NOT know he was going to propose to you after 2 1/2 years of dating and a surprise dinner?!?”. Let me just say Patrick is the most romantic man ever and this is not very uncommon of him. He was notorious for was spoiling me rotten from the get-go. Always surprising me with gifts, adventures, cute notes, flowers, you name it. On top of that, I knew he was going to ask my family for permission to marry me and I am extremely close with my family and thought that one of them would definitely drop a slight hint to me. Patrick actually asked my dad, mom, sister, and both of my brothers for their permission to marry me (a true gentleman). Nonetheless, I put on a fancy red dress and pumps and he picked me up in a Ralph Lauren coat and dress pants (he looked like prince charming). He took me out for pre-dinner drinks at J Parker rooftop in Chicago (where we went on our first date ever a few years ago). After drinks, we were picked up by a carriage ride to take us to dinner. About half way through the carriage ride, the coachman said she had to stop to feed Pickles, the horse, and suggested we take photos in front of a beautiful gazebo. As we walked up to the gazebo glowing in the sun and surrounded by bountiful red roses, Patrick got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

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All the while, there was a photographer he hired hiding in the bushes capturing every second of this romantic moment. When he asked me to marry him we were both so overwhelmed with emotions we immediately began crying. We then continued the carriage ride to the Ralph Lauren restaurant where they had a bouquet of roses and champagne waiting for us. It was a romantic and intimate evening. Patrick is the best thing to have ever happen to me, and I’m so lucky to be calling him my husband soon.

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