Lee and Andrew

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How We Met

Our story began on the first day of university, in the first class of the day. I couldn’t help but notice Andrew when he walked into English 150. One, because I thought he was very handsome, and two, because he was quite late. Little did I know that just that morning, I had made friends with Andrew’s neighbour, who was also in our class. Andrew and I began to talk more and more, and we began to realize how much we had in common. From our love of movies, to our athletic backgrounds, to being very family oriented, to having both lost a parent at a young age.

how they asked

Flash forward six years to September 18th. My mom picked Andrew and I up from the airport in Kelowna. We had planned to go straight to dinner, but she insisted that we stop at home so that I could change out of my gym teacher attire. I thought this was a bit ridiculous! Once I had changed, my mom and I went around the house towards the car. I already had a feeling something was up, but as soon as I heard our song “That’s How Strong My Love Is” playing on a piano, I knew. I turned the corner toward my family’s orchard to see all of our closest friends and family. There were twinkling lights draped in the trees and lanterns creating an aisle. Each person was holding either a giant picture of the two of us, or a giant frame with parts of a letter Andrew had written for me. I was so in shock that all of our loved ones were there that I hadn’t looked down the end of the aisle! There stood Andrew with the final framed letter, a question, and my dream ring! Our proposal turned into our engagement party, where we celebrated and danced the night away with everyone. It has been my childhood dream to get married on my family’s orchard property, but I didn’t expect to get engaged there as well.

The most perfect proposal could not have been possible without my mother, my mother in law, all of our families, and all of our friends. Andrew had begun planning the big day two months in advance, and it was more than I could have ever imagined! I will cherish this day for the rest of my life.

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Our proposal on my family’s orchard

I could not be more excited to be marrying my best friend in two months. The guy that insists we drop everything to dance around the living room, the guy that will listen when I’ve had a long day, and the guy that can make me laugh, any time. I have known I wanted to marry him since right after we started dating, and I finally get to! After the wedding, Andrew and I, along with our two best friends are moving to London. We have some big adventures ahead, and there is no one I would rather experience it all with!

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Special Thanks

Esther Funk
 | Engagement Photography