Leanne and Roger

How We Met

Roger and I met last October through mutual friends at my best friend’s house.

how they asked

On August 22, Roger and I were moving into our new house that we just closed on the day before. We woke up extra early (excited of course) and when I got there our sisters and his cousin had spread rose petals all over our new living room floor, and right in front of the fire place Roger dropped to one knee. This is when he informed me that on August 5th he came home with the ring with plans to propose the morning we moved, however this was the same exact day that I came home and informed him that we were going to be parents in April 2016. Of course my eyes filled up with tears as I agreed to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.

Image 1 of Leanne and Roger

Image 2 of Leanne and Roger