Leanne and Garret

Where to Propose in Dominican Republic

How They Asked

Garret and I took a vacation together to the Dominican Republic to celebrate moving back in together, after a year and a half of long distance.

Our first night there, Garret told me he had a surprise for me and urged me to get ready for a nice dinner. After getting ready, we hopped into a cab and headed down the coast. After 40 minutes and a few wrong turns, the taxi finally pulled up to a beautiful beach club.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Dominican Republic

I immediately ran down to the beach and threw off my shoes. The beach is my happy place and I was in complete awe of the beautiful, private beach and its massive waves. Soon Garret came over to join me and hugged me tight while telling me how excited he was for this trip together. Then, before I even knew what was happening he dropped to one knee and asked me to become his wife. I started laughing in complete confusion because he has NEVER gotten away with a surprise- especially one this big!! I, of course, screamed ‘yes’, at the same time as he got hit by a massive wave that soaked his shorts, making us both laugh even harder.

We then headed up the beach to a beautiful private dinner that was set up overlooking the ocean on the edge of a cliff. It was the most beautiful night of my life and a memory that will last as long as our marriage.

Special Thanks

Summer Haslett
 | Photographer