Leanna and Ricky

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Dubrovnik, Croatia

How We Met

Both Ricky and Leanna grew up in a small Colorado town. They went to the same elementary school, the same middle school, and (you guessed it) the same high school. BUT despite being only one year apart in school, they didn’t know each other. Leanna even knew Ricky’s sister, Kristin, from kindergarten and still didn’t know him.

Then, in September 2016, one fateful Monday evening both Ricky and Leanna attended the same alcohol training class (not DUI related). He sat next to her and tried to woo her with his charm and wit. But when the class ended, Leanna left before he had the chance to ask her for a drink.

Leanna's Proposal in Dubrovnik, Croatia

A few days later, Ricky messaged Leanna on Facebook after seeing her from afar at a restaurant in Colorado Springs, CO. Intrigued by this charming young man, Leanna gave him her number in hopes of a reply. The small talk turned into a real conversation, and the rest (as they say) is history.

Over the next two and a half years, Ricky and Leanna would chase each other around the world. There was an 18-hour train ride to Chicago (planned by him), an 11-day venture to Europe and Africa (planned by her), an acquired puppy, and a move to Denver all in the first year.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Dubrovnik, Croatia

The months leading into year two brought job changes, a road trip around Southwestern US, and one crazy decision: Ricky would move to Ireland to earn his Master’s degree.

While Ricky lived and attended school in Ireland, Leanna stayed in Colorado with their pets. She would cross the pond many times over the next 8 months, all in hopes of seeing him for just a few days.

Where to Propose in Dubrovnik, Croatia

How They Asked

To wrap up the time being a long-distance couple, Ricky and Leanna planned an epic adventure in Eastern Europe. This two-week journey would take them to Budapest, Hungary then Dubrovnik, Croatia and finally across Italy.

It was such an amazingly planned journey that five of their friends even came along!

Mid-May finally arrived, and the group embarked on their journey and Ricky began looking for opportunities for the perfect proposal. When the original plan to make it happen in Budapest didn’t work out, he knew it would have to be in Dubrovnik. On day two in Croatia, the chance finally presented itself.

After a rainy day, the sun finally peaked through the clouds while they were admiring the ocean from the cliffs around the city. It was there (after hinting to the group this was the moment) that Ricky got on one knee and asked Leanna to marry him.

To which she (obviously) said yes.