Leanna and Bradley


How We Met

We met in the Summer of 2011. I had been waiting for my friend Max to call me with our plans for the evening, and once it got to be about 10pm, I gave up and got ready for bed. As I was about to fall asleep, I got a text from Max saying that he was about to head over to my house, and he was bringing his friend Brad. All I could think was, “who the heck is Brad, and why are they coming over so late??” With that in mind, I stayed in my pajamas, convinced that this was nothing special. When I answered the door, there was Max, with Brad – and on first sight, there was a spark. The three of us spent the night watching terrible reality TV on TLC, making bad jokes, and laughing for hours. A week later, the three of us, along with another friend of mine, Eve, went on an adventure to GameWorks, a bar filled with arcade games. I lost a bet to Max, who told me that I now had to kiss Brad. Brad went to get the car, as it had started absolutely POURING rain, and when I got into the front seat, I didn’t even wait a second before grabbing his face and planting a huge one on him. It turned into the best kiss ever, and the last first kiss I’d ever have. The rest of the night was spent dancing in the rain, kissing, and staring at each other, wonder how we had just found this amazing love. One week later, he took me on an official first date, and the rest is history.

how they asked

Fast forward almost 5 years, and we are now living long distance between Maryland and Virginia. On May 13th, I drove down to Virginia to spend the weekend with Brad, and celebrate a promotion he’d received at work. I was told we would be going to brunch at one of my favorite places in DC on Saturday morning. I woke up, tired from long hours of residency work, and asked Brad for just “10 more minutes…” he obliged, and then finally roused me and told me I had to start getting ready if we were to make our 10am reservation. We finally got out the door, and he distracted me on the car ride by asking me to DJ the entire time. As we crossed into DC, he told me he’d gotten the reservation time wrong, and we now had about an hour to kill. He suggested we walk around the Lincoln Memorial and the Potomac River, one of our favorite DC spots. He parked and as we walked up to the grass between the Lincoln and the steps to the Potomac, I saw something yellow and blue in the grass… and he told me to go check it out. As I got closer, I saw that it was yellow and blue football turf (anyone who knows me knows I am a hardcore University of Michigan Wolverine), and next to it was a piece of basketball floorboard (notably from Brad’s alma mater, Indiana University). Right then, I knew what was happening. He asked me to stand on the turf, and as he stood on the court, read me the sweetest, most romantic, and funny poem, which ended with him getting down on one knee and asking me to marry him! Turns out he had contacted the company that makes University of Michigan’s football field, and they loved our story so much that they agreed to ship him a piece of the same turf the football team uses. The basketball court was something he got when Indiana University re-did the court’s floors a few years ago.

To make it even sweeter, his roommates (two of my close friends from graduate school) had been hiding and photographing the whole thing! The photos we got were unbelievable. We spent the rest of the day actually going to brunch (thank goodness, because I was so hungry by that point), and wandering around an Embassy open house event in DC. We got caught in the rain in the afternoon, making the day absolutely perfect. We are so excited to spend the rest of our lives together, and are planning a wedding to hopefully take place in September 2017!




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