Leanna and Andrew

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How We Met

Andrew and I met 13 years ago, both juniors in high school. Andrew likes to say he knew I was “the one” back then. He had a crush on me and I never gave him the time of day. (OOPS!) Fast forward a couple years and we both went our separate ways after graduation.


We were both hours away from our hometown meeting new people and embarking on moving away from home for the first time. It was the summer of first year university and we were both back home and spotted each other from across the bar.


We ended up spending the whole night talking and laughing. After I got home that night I received a message from him asking if we could go for a date. I jokingly agreed but never committed.


September came and we were both away at school again.. this time he was more persistent. He sent me messages all the time, and always asked to see me when we were home for the holidays. (I still never committed – OOPS!)


Fast forward the rest of the school year and we came home for the summer. I was out for a run with one of my girlfriends one night and we ended up running by his house – to our surprise he was outside with a couple of buddies hanging out.


We decided to stop and chat for a bit.. but ended up going home shortly after. I instantly got a message from him saying “Listen, I’m taking you out, I’ll pick you up tomorrow night at 7:00 sharp :).” We ended up going for dinner the next evening and we spent the rest of the summer inseparable.


The end of the summer was nearing and I was going for a vacation to Italy before school started in September. Just before I left Andrew decided to make things “official” and we had decided that we were going to make our long distance (8 hours from each other) work!


September came and we both went back to school, where we spent the next 3 apart from each other. I’m so glad that he didn’t give up and I finally agreed to that first date, because here we are, almost 7 years later and about to spend forever together!

how they asked

Andrew and I talked about driving the Pacific Coast Highway for years! We knew it was something that we really wanted to do together before settling down. I was at work one day and Andrew called me saying “I’m looking at flights to California, let’s do it!” I was thrilled..

I love to travel! So I replied “when!?” and that was that. The next couple of weeks we planned everything that we wanted to do on our road trip!

The day finally came and we were off! We ended up flying out on my birthday and had a beautiful seafood dinner at the Pier our first night in San Francisco. From there we worked our way south to San Diego.

Our next stop was Monterey, California. Andrew surprised me with a beautiful stay at Old Monterey Inn.. with its old world romance vibe it felt like time stood still and we transported back into time. (It was beautiful, and right up my alley..I should have known he was planning something!)


We spent the day walking the beautiful streets of Carmel by the Sea – shopping and chatting. It was getting close to dinner but Andrew said he had made dinner reservations for us that night and we should just grab something small (not once in our 7 years of dating had he made reservations before!)

I didn’t think anything of it so agreed! We stopped at a cheese store and bought some cheeses, bread and wine and sat in the cobblestone courtyard enjoying the scenery. We walked around some more stopping at the bakery and just enjoying each others company.

He mentioned earlier that he wanted to catch the sunset at some place he had read about. (Anyone who knows me knows I’m always fashionably late for everything so he didn’t get his hopes up.) I looked at the time and realized the sun would be setting soon, so I asked if he still wanted to check it out! (I had NO IDEA that I would be saying yes to forever once the sun set) He agreed and we drove to Soberanes Point.


We got there just as the sun was starting to go down. I said this would be a good spot for a picture so he set up the camera! While he was setting up the camera I was at the edge of the cliff just admiring the breathtaking view. The sky was grey and blue at the same time but it was beautiful.


I sat there and just enjoyed the waves hitting the rocks. He joined me and we sat talking about life and our relationship over the last 7 years, and how special we are to each other. I can’t remember exactly what happened next, but we must have stood up for a picture at one point because next I knew he was grabbing my hand and getting down on one knee.



Time stood still and everything went black. I couldn’t even speak, the only thing I could manage to get out was “yes!”.





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