Leak and Billy


How We Met

Billy and I met during high school. We were best friends from the moment we met. He knew everything about me and I knew everything about him. As time passed, we grew to be absolutely inseparable. Then valentine’s day 2009 (knowing I had no plans) surprised me with my favorite white roses and chocolate covered strawberries. In that moment, I realized I fell in love with my best friend. Eight years later, we are now engaged!

how they asked

Every year, we look forward to the fall season. We love haunted houses, pumpkin patches and especially scary movies. It has become a tradition to do every single fall activity possible in what seems like the shortest weeks of the year! This year, we did our usual traditions: haunted houses and scary movie marathons. Our last one for the fall season is going to the Pumpkin Spooktacular at Roger William’s Zoo. The event holds thousands of pumpkins perfectly carved and lit along the zoo pathway. It is our favorite event every year.

This year, Billy decided to buy tickets for a Sunday night. I was surprised not only was it a Sunday night show but we were missing the second half of the New England Patriots’ game! He told me we needed to go there and hurry back so we can catch some of the Patriots’ game. When we arrived at the Pumpkin Spooktacular, we walked right in and started to enjoy our show. We enjoyed a pumpkin beer, some VERY cool pumpkins and great Halloween music! During the middle of the trail, he reached into his pocket coat and said “here’s the ring you always wanted”.

He handed me a pink ring pop! We laughed and kept steady with our trail. It was not unusual for Billy to do practical jokes. We love good laughs. But, as we approached the end of the trail, I realized we were veering away from the crowd. It was then that I saw a candle lit wagon with an engraved pumpkin with the words “Leak, will you marry me?”.



Before I could process the words, he was down on knee asking me the best question I have ever heard. I said yes in between screams and applause from the crowd that formed.




I held tight to my ring pop as he gave me the engagement ring. As the moment was happening, I had saw flashes of light. I assumed it was the very excited crowd around us. When I finally looked closer, I realized he had a photographer there, capturing the moment I fell in love with him all over again. Needless to say, I am marrying the pumpkin of my eye!

Special Thanks

Adam Franco | 
Adam Franco Photography