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Tristan and I met when he lived in DC and one of my friends worked for him. I lived in LA and was visiting her in DC for my birthday. He happened to be moving to CA 2 weeks later so we became friends as soon as he did. We were very close friends for 2 years in CA, going on trips to Vegas, Portland, Miami, together as friends. I knew he had a crush on me after awhile and in January of 2016 we started officially dating. I bought him a plane ticket to Vancouver to go over valentine’s day and that was our first trip together as more than friends. I moved back to NC where I’m from in March of that year and he moved there soon after in May. We’ve lived together ever since with our 2 dogs, Daisy and Charlotte.

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We had a trip to Paris and the South of France planned for Labor Day weekend 2017. I didn’t know whether or not to expect a proposal and he’d pretty much convinced me there wasn’t going to be one yet. The first night we stayed in an Airbnb overlooking the Eiffel Tower. We were drinking wine and getting ready for dinner and he asked me to put my phone down. I joked and said are you going to purpose and he said maybe. I tossed my phone as fast as I could and when I turned around he was on one knee with the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen. I said yes of course and we went to dinner to celebrate!