Leah and Tommy

How We Met

Tommy and I went to the same high school but we only knew of each other. After high school, we officially met through mutual friends. Tommy confided in me when he was going through a rough patch in his life. We became very close and eventually, we developed feelings for each other. At this time, his son was one year old. Dating a single father naturally has its challenges and the transition was tough on both ends. There was a lot of uncertainty in the beginning but the one thing we knew for sure was that we were falling for each other. We don’t have a traditional love story, but it’s ours and I would never change it. We have now been together for eight years and more than a couple, we are a family. We are a family not made of blood and not through marriage (yet), but we are a family through love. And that’s all we need.

how they asked

I may be the only woman to say yes to two proposals by two men in one day! I was on a wine tour with my best friends celebrating my best friend Jess’ new job and my promotion (I thought). My makeup was done because my other best friend Marielle did my makeup and pretended she had to come over early because she “had to do something at her mom’s house,” who lives nearby. My nails were done because my work BFF Emily was trash talking my nails all week saying that my friends would make fun of me if my nails were “garbage” at the wine tour. Her harassment worked because I got my nails done the day before! At the last stop of the tour, we walked into a wine cellar. There were lights, and candles and rose petals on the ground.

Leah and Tommy's Engagement in Bernardo Winery

I said to our tour guide, “That’s pretty! Are you guys setting up for a wedding?” Little did I know, it was for me. Jess suggested we take a group photo and she NEVER initiates the photos so I said, “awww this is so special! Jess NEVER wants to take a picture!” All of a sudden Marielle and my other best friend Leanna walk out of the room so I follow them but a winery staff member (who I later found out is the event planner that Tommy worked with) asked to see my hair. I’m showing her my hair and she suggests I go back inside the wine cellar so she could see. My hair color is more visible in the sun so I explained she could see the color better outside. She gives up on pretending to want to see my hair, takes my hand, leads me inside, and left me there as Jess ran out saying, “Bye!” I was alone and confused in this giant wine cellar.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Bernardo Winery

Leah's Proposal in Bernardo Winery

I turn around to look at the path with the candles and roses, and I see my Tommy and Reynan (his son) walking toward me. Immediately, I’m in tears. Reynan approaches me first and recites his reasons for being proud of me and thanking me for taking care of him since he was in diapers.

He gets down on one knee with a green ring pop in hand, and says, “Will you officially be my mom and Daddy’s wife?” Of course, I said yes, and kissed my son-to-be. He stepped aside and Tommy approached me. He took my hand and told me how proud he was of me and of us, and everything we’ve been through in the last eight years. He got down on one knee and said, “Will you make me the happiest man on earth and be my wife?”

I said yes (again) and we kissed. My vision was blurry from the tears as I watched Tommy put my dream ring (emerald, our birthstone) on my finger. We hugged and took in the most beautiful moment of our story so far. To my surprise, the door opened and all of our friends and family were there to celebrate with champagne, hugs, and so much love.

Afterward, Tommy had food and drinks at my parents’ house ready for everyone to celebrate for the rest of the day. More family and friends came over to celebrate as well. It was truly the most magical proposal. I still can’t believe it.

The most precious thing about this proposal was the amount of effort and detail that went into planning the surprise. I am an event planner at work, and I am an event planner for my family and friends. I mean I’m even voluntarily planning my 10-year high school reunion! That being said, it’s very hard to surprise me. I actually ruined Tommy’s first attempt at proposing to me because I’m so hard to surprise. This time, he had a full team (my sister and best friends) and an event planner. He even had his brother pick Reynan up from school the day before without me knowing! I am just blown away that he was able to out plan me and just so thankful. I can’t wait to marry him and officially be Reynan’s (other) mom.

Special Thanks

Edward Bernardo
Terry Lowrey