Leah and Ryan

How We Met

Ryan and I journey have been in the making for ten years. I always knew from day one that Ryan would be my forever, one true love. Ryan and I met through our close group of friends at a local bar. It didn’t take more than a few casual interactions to know our chemistry drew us towards one another. Once we had started dating for a while, Ryan always told me that when the day would come for a proposal he would make it the most beautiful and magical moment of my life.

How They Asked

Ryan gathered all of our friends to come up with the best plan for a proposal since I am so hard to surprise. He made sure he had a prime beach and sunset location at Del Mar Beach in California, a photographer to capture the moment, videographer, big heart shape of roses in the sand with scattered rose petals everywhere, and dinner reservations after the proposal for a surprise engagement dinner party once he got down on one knee, along with all of our friends and family hiding behind the coastal rocks to share the moment with us during and after his proposal taking place on February 29th, 2020.

Proposal Ideas Del Mar Beach, California

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Del Mar Beach, California

Next to the proposal location on the beach was our favorite restaurant which gave Ryan the best scapegoat to accomplish his proposal by asking me if I wanted to go out to dinner. Once we had parked the car he asked me if I wanted to take a walk on the beach since we were early for our reservation. As we walked towards the ocean, there it was the beautiful roses in the sand, I did not realize until he pulled me to the center of the heart-shaped roses that this was for me. It then dawned on me as he held my hands and said my name that this was the moment I had been waiting my whole life for and dreaming of as a little girl and with my best friend. Before he could say my last name I completely lost it, hysterically crying with joy and happiness.

He dropped to one knee and said I love you with all my heart will you marry me! As he pulled out the ring box I lost my breath at the sight of him and the most gorgeous ring I had ever seen. After ten years of being together, of course, I said Yes, Yes to being his wife and life long best friend. He swooped me up into his arms, and I could hear a crowd of people cheering and yelling, and realized the storm up people coming at us was our group of best friends and family. We celebrated in our favorite restaurant with our love ones and cherished every single moment. The most amazing moment of my life and I can not wait for my forever with Ryan!

Where to Propose in Del Mar Beach, California

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Del Mar Beach, California

Special Thanks

 | Photographer
 | Videographer
Holly, Kiana, Jt, Chrissy
 | Planning with Ryan all of the decorations