Leah and Rob

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How We Met

Rob I met when he was hired by the company I was working for. From the moment I met him, I felt like I knew him, and that was because he had creepily added me on Facebook the week prior. Ironically, I did know his younger brother, and both him and his older brother knew my older sister, but Rob and I had never met. Even more crazy, his grandparents and my grandparents grew up across the street from one another in our small town and thus my mom also grow up across the street from his dad :) so you can only imagine the stories we hear when we get everyone together!

how they asked

One of our favorite hobbies to do together is metal detect. My farm has been in our family for decades and the town mill use to sit right on our property, you can still see the centuries old road beds and we’ve always secretly hoped someone left behind a buried treasure! It’s been cold and the ground has been frozen for a while but when we got a sunny day we jumped at the opportunity to go metal detecting on the farm! We packed everything up and headed out in search of treasure. Rob wanted to try a spot that we had not yet explored, it was totally remote and kind of hard to get to! When we first got there Rob and his dog June went to the other side of this huge tree to “go pee” but really he was burying a mason jar with a family heirloom diamond ring it. I had no clue as I was too busy searching around with the detector hoping for a beep! After about 20 minutes of searching, we had found a couple uninteresting metal objects and as I made my way towards the tree I heard a faint beep from the detector, I hovered it around to try to find it again and the detector started going crazy.

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I put it down, wiped the leaves off the area and started to dig, I soon saw what looked like a metal lid and let me tell you, I thought we I had finally found the buried treasure!! As I dug the mason jar out of the ground I told Rob to get his camera out because I found something REALLY good. (Still having no idea he had anything to do with it being there.) I carefully examined the jar and noticed something was wrapped inside, when I unfolded it I saw a ring box and I thought I had found someone’s buried ring! It wasn’t until he got on one knee that I realized this ring was meant for me to find and the initials carved into the box were mine and his . In that moment, I was positive I was dreaming, it didn’t feel real, I dont even know what he said or what I said but I know that at some point he asked me to marry him and of course I said yes.

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