Leah and Nigel

Image 1 of Leah and Nigel

How We Met

We met online. We were matched on eharmony and really hit it off. He asked me out for a coffee date on our 1st date – little did he know i didn’t drink coffee. He has spent a couple hours looking up places near where I lived and I suggested Panera :P We really consider our 2nd date our “real” 1st date. We went to the museum of fine arts in boston and max brenner for chocolate after – which is where our proposal all went down a little over a year after out “1st date.

Image 2 of Leah and Nigel

There is a photo of Nigel with Dave the minion from our “1st” real date. Little did I know that painting and that minion would be forever a part of our love story.

how they asked

We had gone ring shopping together about 2 months before so i knew it was coming at some point and I just count wait to see how the ring came out. My grandmother had gifted us her diamond so i was so excited to see how it looked reset. We were going to spend the day at the MFA and going to Chinatown for lunch. At lunch, Nigel and the friends were all on their phones (texting each other i later found out). We headed to the MFA and headed up to a painting we had taken fun photos with on our 1st date. He got down on one knee and asked in front of “out painting”. He had also planned to have his friend there to capture the moment ( something he knew i really wanted). We then went to celebrate at Max Brenner.

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