Leah and Matt

Leah's Proposal in Longwood Gardens

How We Met

Matt and I met in elementary school. We were in the same first-grade class and I had the biggest crush on him but I don’t think the feeling was mutual. (I mean we were only 6 years old!!) Fast forward to the junior year of high school to when the crush became mutual. Matt asked me to be his girlfriend at Longwood Gardens in 2006 during the Christmas display. We continued to go *almost* every year to celebrate our date-a-versary.

Since 2006 our love continued to grow as we went to different colleges, moved in together, and bought our first house.

How They Asked

It was a freezing cold day in November but Matt was adamant about going to Longwood Gardens to see the fall colors. I didn’t feel like going but he was persistent! We arrived at Longwood Gardens and our first stop was to the cafe to get hot coffee to warm up. When we got to the cafe, we saw our friends Scott and Michelle, who we invited to walk around with us.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Longwood Gardens

The four of us walked to the top of the Meadow Garden, which has beautiful views of the property. As we were walking, I could tell that Scott and Michelle were holding back and had a feeling that Matt was going to propose. On the top of the hill, at the place where Matt asked me to be his girlfriend almost 12 years ago, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

It wasn’t a coincidence that we ran into Scott and Michelle. Matt asked them to be there so they could capture the moment that he proposed. (And I’m so glad he did!) After the proposal, we walked around Longwood for some more photos. After Longwood, we grabbed a celebratory drink, had dinner with our family and came home to more celebrations with our friends. It was the perfect day and I’m so happy we have these photos to look back on for years to come.