Leah and Mario

How We Met

Mario and I went to the same high school but never knew each other. He’s 2 years younger than me so I had no idea who he was, nor would I have talked to him in high school considering I didn’t give younger guys (peasants) the time of day. KIDDING! Hahaha but really, I didn’t talk know anyone in the younger grades so we never crossed paths.

Somewhere along the lines between 2011 and 2016, Mario and I had started following each other on Instagram and Twitter solely because we knew mutual people. There were a few instances where he would reply to my tweets about working out and like an Instagram picture here and there, but nothing more than that. He wasn’t really my “type” due to the things he tweeted. I always tell him that he was a complete tool lol.

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In January of 2016, it became more consistent. He was always tweeting me and we’d sarcastically answer each other most of the time. We both have a great sense of sarcasm lol. January 16, 2016, is the day he finally slid into the DMs and asked for my number. We texted nonstop for a few weeks and just clicked instantly. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to talk to him and how often I found myself smiling at my phone like a goofball. I gave up a lot of my precious sleep just to text him until 3 am. We finally planned a first date a few weeks later!

Plot twist: the first date NEVER HAPPENED… We had plans to see a movie and I told him I wanted to go to the 9:15 pm one. Well, 9:20 pm rolls around and he texted me saying he just left the gym and is heading home to shower then will swing by to pick me up. I told him not to bother considering the movie already started. We went back and forth for a bit and ultimately I told him to leave me alone for good because I don’t have time for these games.

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I was pretty upset. Although we hadn’t officially gone on a date, it was hard not to be talking to him 24/7. I didn’t know why it hurt so bad considering we never even met. Something just felt different with him and it sucked to lose that. To this day he still says I told him I wanted to go to the “late movie” which would have been 10 pm… I don’t believe I did but that’s beside the point haha.

He unfollowed me on all social media and I did the same. A few months pass with no contact whatsoever. April rolls around and I see a new follow from him on twitter…I sarcastically tweet him saying “well well, look who is back” and we started going back and forth. The sarcasm really never ends with us two. He then texted me asking if we could still be friends and I let him know we could, but that was it. I told all my friends that I would NEVER give this tool a chance again.

Clearly that didn’t work out for me and I DID give him the second chance, and to this day I couldn’t be happier with that decision :)

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How They Asked

I had jokingly been on Mario for a while (over a year) about getting engaged. When I turned 26 in February, I started to become serious because I was just ready for that next step. He started talking about going to his uncle’s jewelry store to pick something out and asked what kind of ring I liked if he did happen to go.

Months and months passed, still nothing. It sucked to see everyone on social media constantly getting engaged when that was all I wanted. It caused a few fights between us because I just wanted to happen so badly. He told me it would happen this summer which just made things worse considering I was always on my toes wondering if it would happen, just to be let down when it didn’t. He constantly told me “Leah be patient, it’s going to happen” but that didn’t help me stop thinking about it lol.

The first Sunday in August we had plans to go to brunch with his sister before she went back to college since I was leaving for California at the same time she was going back. I didn’t think much of it and was happy to have Alexis tag along with us on our usual Sunday brunch adventures. It was our last hoorah for the summer with her!

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Mario rushed to get his hair cut the Friday before this, so of course, I started wondering “omg maybe he’ll propose since he’s getting his hair cut?” But I made myself brush it off because I didn’t want to get my hopes up just to be let down. It was a silly idea.

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The day of brunch, Mario was acting a little weird. He was more fidgety than usual and on his phone the entire time we were at brunch. (Which I later found out he was texting the photographer coordinating where to meet) I kept telling him to get off his phone and pay attention to me lol. After we ate at a restaurant in Detroit, we started walking around downtown. Mario had the idea to walk by the water which I was confused about. I kept asking him “since when do you want to walk by the water?” It was 90 degrees and HOT that day so Alexis and I were both complaining but he insisted we keep walking…

I’m a fast walker so people are typically always trailing behind me. At one point, Mario finally caught up to me and I didn’t notice that Alexis had veered off to the side and wasn’t walking with us any longer. We were just walking together and talking and he grabbed my left shoulder and said “you know how much I love you, right?” to which I turned to him with an extremely confused look on my face. He got in front of me and I realized what was happening and immediately started bawling. *cue ugly crying face*

Once I came back to reality and somewhat stopped crying, I realized that I heard what sounded like a camera taking pictures. I turned to my left and it was exactly that! He hired a photographer (Kristen) that I did a photo shoot with a few months prior because he knows how important pictures are to me. What an angel she is for helping him plan the entire day!

It still hasn’t fully hit me that we’re ENGAGED but it’s the coolest feeling on the planet. I mean, cmon. We’re gonna get MARRIED?!?!!?

Aaaand just one more of my ring because I still cannot get over how beautiful it is!!!

Special Thanks

Kristen Rose
 | Photographer