Leah and Joshua

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How We Met

Joshua and I met at a ministry school called YWAM (Youth With A Mission) in Denver, Colorado in September, 2015. I’m a Florida girl from a big city and Joshua’s a small town boy from Wisconsin. When we first met we were hanging out with some friends in the Worship Center on base. I was dancing and fooling around on stage with some friends right after we jammed out for a bit and he was sitting in the seats. I noticed someone was throwing something at me so I looked up and saw that it was Joshua and he had thrown a pen. I remember thinking, “Who is this weird kid and why is he throwing pens at me?” I quickly picked up the pen and threw it back and then a little while later he threw it again. I jumped off the stage and punched him to get back at him (I totally love Jesus, I swear). His first thoughts about me? “This girl is psychotic!”

When we first met Joshua was in a relationship with another girl and I had my own problems and wounds to heal from and work through with the Lord. Before I went into the school God told me I would meet my husband there and had been giving me dreams of marrying a man by the name of Joshua – although I didn’t connect the dots until after the Lord had told me he was the one I was going to marry about a month after the school started. At that point Joshua was single and I started praying more about him and what I felt God was telling me. A few weeks later Joshua sat down with me and told me that God was speaking to him and telling him that I was the woman he was supposed to marry. We talked about what God was speaking and then continued to pray for the remainder of our DTS (Discipleship Training School) about whether or not to pursue a relationship together.

At the end of our 5 month DTS in February 2016, Joshua went back to Wisconsin and I went back to Florida after graduation. We continued to talk and on February 18th, 2016 he met my parents over Skype (so awkward) and asked them for their permission to pursue a relationship with me. That night he asked me to be his girlfriend and adventure with him and Jesus, and of course I said yes!

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how they asked

Pretty much 4 months after we started dating I would ask Joshua things like, “When are you going to ask me to marry you?” I knew I wanted to marry this man the week we started dating so I was sooo ready for him to get a move on it fairly quickly. We’ve been long distance for the entirety of our relationship and have only seen each other 4 times in the 10 and 1/2 months we’ve been dating. Joshua came to visit my family and I for New Years and took me to Disney (my favorite place ever). On New Years Eve we spent the whole day at Magic Kingdom.

I struggle with depression and anxiety and so for part of that day I had some moments of difficulty. We walked by Cinderella’s carriage with a “2017 Happy New Year” sign with staff offering pictures in front of it. Joshua asked me if I wanted to take a picture in front of it and I said no (sorry honey). Earlier in the day Joshua playfully asked me to marry him and I said, “Don’t ask me to marry you unless you’re asking for real. That’s just playing with my heart.” and then thought, “There’s no way he’s asking me any time soon.”

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Later on Joshua took my hand and said, “Come on. Lets go do something special.” He took me back to Cinderella’s carriage and we waited in line to have our picture taken. We walked up and I was positioned in front of the carriage. Joshua went to put his backpack down and asked the photographer (somehow without me knowing) “If I got down on one knee would you be able to capture it?” He went over to put down the backpack and get the ring while the photographer distracted me saying she was going to take pictures of me first, which seemed weird to me but I went along with it. All of a sudden I heard Joshua say, “Baby.” I looked over and he was down on one knee and asked me those 4 beautiful words. “Will you marry me?”

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I started bawling and I don’t even think I ever even said yes, I just nodded my head. A huge crowd formed and cheered and congratulated us. I couldn’t believe it. The man of my dreams, who I prayed for everyday since I was 14, just asked me to be his wife and I said yes.

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The Lord truly does give good gifts. I’m blown away by how freaking AWESOME Jesus is. Joshua was my first and only boyfriend and I couldn’t imagine anyone better for me. Everyday I see new aspects of his character and who he is and I see how they line up perfectly with what I prayed and asked the Lord for in a husband. Joshua is more than what I ever thought or imagined. He’s way better than my wildest dreams. I love him and I can’t wait to be Mrs. Joshua Edward Basten.

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