Leah and Joshua

How We Met

As I don’t know my biological Father, I grew up very very close to my Grandad who was always the Dad I never had.

My childhood with him was full of happy memories filled with, pranks silliness and endless laughter, as were the adult years I got to spend with him, he sadly left us in November 2011 as he was required in heaven to make the angels laugh and the make the stars shine a little brighter. When he died, so did my dream of him walking me down the aisle and giving me away to my future husband. A pain that is only eased by the fact that I get to see my grandad every day in my future husband, the things he says, the jokes he makes, his sense of humor, his outlook on life and the way he lights up any room he enters.

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I met my future husband through a mutual friend during a chance encounter on a night out when we were both 19 and there was an instant spark even back then. We exchanged a few flirty words and then fate took us our separate ways… little did we know it hadn’t finished with us just yet, in fact, it was only just getting started with entwining our life paths into one.

Over the next 6 years, we would bump into each other on nights out and the sparks would always fly. But still, it wasn’t our time yet. Our friendship blossomed over social media and we quickly realized how similar we were in each way, finding each other tweets side-splittingly funny (even when no one else did).

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Years later we would exchange numbers and start to speak more seriously, again shocked by how similar we were and how similar our life choices had been. We were both at University one day a week, both training to be Surveyors via our employers whilst we worked full time as trainee’s, we both had dreams of qualifying and moving to Dubai to work in property and spend our days off work drinking cocktails in the sun. Our separate dreams soon turned into conversations of how we would go together and how we would both drink cocktails in the sun, together.

After staying at a friend’s house one Friday night, I found myself stranded at a closed tram station the morning after with no idea how I was getting home. I stood and thought for a moment and remembered in our many conversations that Josh lived nearby. I cheekily called him for a lift home and he arrived in minutes, more handsome than I remembered. We laughed and talked all the way home, and we finally arranged a date. It only took us 5 years.

One date later and the rest was pretty much, history as they say. We became a couple almost instantly and never looked back.

How They Asked

Now lets fast forward almost 5 years to the date, and as I mentioned before my Grandad was a big part of my life, what I didn’t mention was. So was my nana, and thankfully she still is! As we were packing for what I thought was just a holiday, Josh was calling my nana to ask for my hand in marriage.

We jetted off from the UK to Bali for 2 weeks and spent our days sipping cocktails in the sun, exploring, taking photos and eating all of our favorite things. As the holiday drew to a close, we got ready for what I thought was a normal dinner together on the rooftop of the hotel.

Whilst getting ready for the evening, Josh found a hair comb in the bathroom of the hotel that neither of us had seen for the entire holiday prior to that night, he shouted me from the other room to show me it with a smile in his eyes. Now you’re probably wondering the significance of a hair comb I’m sure, so I’ll tell you.

When my grandad died the only thing of his I took as a memoir, was his favorite purple comb he used to brush his hair every morning. This was the thing that reminded me of him most, an image I have of him in my head in the bathroom fixing his hair every morning, sticking his tongue out slightly in concentration, something that Josh now does use my Grandads comb to fix his hair before a night out!

We walked upstairs to the rooftop of the hotel, to the most gorgeous setting and sat down to eat. We drank and chatted and laughed as we always do until we both heard some peculiar panpipe background music that the hotel had put on and burst into laughter, to which Josh sarcastically proclaimed ‘I hope they have this on a CD I can buy’. I laughed, as once again Josh had reminded me of my Grandad and a childhood holiday that I proceeded to tell him about.

The story was that my whole family were eating dinner in a town square in Spain when the locals starting playing panpipes to the tunes of various current chart music (think Britney Spears on Panpipes) which as you can imagine sounded very odd!

My grandad, being my grandad had walked over to said panpipe artists and in jest, asked if there was a CD he could buy as he loved their music so much, anyway it turns out they did just happen to have a CD for sale and my Grandad ended up with it, having asked for one.

He didn’t let it go to waste though and used it for the remainder of the holiday at a very high volume to wake up any hungover family members in the morning, by jumping on their bed wearing a sombrero on his head and the rug from the floor of the living room in the villa on his back like a cape, pretending to play the pan pipes.

After I had finished telling Josh how strange it was that he had just made the same joke, about the same music, that my grandad had… he smiled with a tear in his eye and got down on one knee. He told me, everything happens for a reason, and this happened because he sends his blessing for me to ask you to spend the rest of your life with me, will you be my wife.

After I stopped crying, I, of course, said yes!

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