Leah and Josh

Image 1 of Leah and JoshHow We Met: Josh and I met in October of 2011, while I was a senior in high school. At the time I was ready to start a new life as far away as I could get, and dating was something I didn’t even want to talk about. Every October, the church I used to attend has an event called Hallelujahfest that offers food, live music, and lots of fun activities for the youth group. My sister was dating a guy (who is now my brother-in-law) who played drums for a Christian band, and she arranged for them to lead worship at Hallelujahfest that year. I had just gotten off work and I drove by the church to see if anyone one needed help getting ready for the event that night. It is amazing to look back and see how one small decision can change your life. I parked my car and made my way across the church yard, around a huge inflatable slide, and I saw the band setting up on the outdoor basketball court. My sister was helping the band so I thought I would see if I could help out somewhere else, until I saw Josh. I decided to make a detour and find out who this boy was, so I approached my sister and her boyfriend and they introduced me to the band. All the names went by in a blur, but ‘Josh’ was the one I cared about most. We didn’t really talk much throughout the night, but when we did I babbled like a moron while Josh was completely cool; making sarcastic comments much like my usual humor. He was so handsome and talented, and his obvious passion for Jesus made me even more attracted to him.Towards the end of the night I devised a plan to ask him to go on the hay-ride with me, but by the time I worked up the courage to approach him, he had already left. It took a month of me thinking about him everyday and regretting being shy before my best friend encouraged me enough to contact Josh through Facebook. She knew that I had not wanted a relationship for such a long time, and my sudden interest in Josh told her that this really could be something serious. Once we started started talking, we never stopped, and by December we were officially dating.

how they asked: I have always loved airplanes. Throughout our 3 years of dating, Josh has often pointed out planes in the sky, or taken me by the R.G. Letourneau Field Airport just to so I could see them. On Sunday after church, we ate lunch with friends as we usually do. It was a beautiful, sunny day, and the weather was very pleasant, so when we left the restaurant Josh asked if I wanted to go for a drive around town. We drove around for a little while and I figured Josh would take me by the airport to see the planes, and I was so happy when he did! We pulled into the small airport and saw two planes parked near the runway. As we walked over to the gate to look at the airplanes, two men came out of the office building. I knew that Josh was familiar with some of the pilots there through family connections, so when they called his name I wasn’t taken off guard. Josh introduced me to them and they explained that they had a new camera that they were going to test it out, and they asked if we wanted to go on a short flight with them. I just stood there dumbfounded because I didn’t even know these people, I had never flown before in my life, and I knew my dad would have a heart attack if I went through with this! Josh asked me if I wanted to go, and I couldn’t even form words to answer him, there was so much running through my mind!

Image 2 of Leah and Josh

So the next thing I knew I was sitting in the back of this stranger’s plane, with Josh wedged in next to me, head set on, and grinning. I was so excited I just sat there and laughed throughout most of the experience. We took off and the pilot flew us all over the city, pointing out different places to us. I nodded and smiled between hysterical laughter, but absolutely nothing looked familiar to me at all; everything looked like little Legos! I remember saying over and over “this is the best day ever”. The pilot and co-pilot talked to us through the head-sets and they laughed at our reactions and excitement.

Image 3 of Leah and Josh

They asked where Josh lived and after telling them, the pilot said we would be flying over Josh’s house soon. So we looked out the windows trying to find his house, but I was having no luck at all. Josh pointed over to my window and said “There it is, do you see it?” I didn’t, but I kept looking until suddenly I saw the roof and immediately started crying. On the roof were big white and black posters spelling out “Leah will you marry me”. Smiling, Josh asked,” what does that say?” and I couldn’t respond because the reality of the moment started to sink in and I could not control my tears.

Image 4 of Leah and Josh

He pulled out the most beautiful ring, and said “Leah, I love you so much and I want to spend the rest of my life with you, will you marry me?” I nodded and I think I squeezed out a pitiful yes through my tears. I was so overwhelmed with love I didn’t know what to do. The pilot and co-pilot laughed and reported back to the office that I was crying and hopefully that was a good thing. We circled around the roof once more before we headed back to the airport. As we landed I saw a huge group of our closest family and friends waiting to greet us. Josh completing blew my mind with his proposal. I was totally oblivious the entire time and thankfully never suspected it was coming. I am now so blessed and overjoyed to be planning the rest of my life with Josh! Best. Day. Ever.

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