Leah and James

How We Met

James and I first met because he went to school with my older sister, I had known of him as a rebel. That was until I actually got to know him. Turns out he is the sweetest man with the biggest heart. We were great friends and he asked me out multiple times before I finally said yes, that I’d go on a date with him. My only regret was not doing it sooner. It’s been absolute magic ever since. P.s. he’s my first boyfriend, and my first and last love.

Leah and James's Engagement in Duluth, MN on the shore of lake superior

how they asked

We planned a trip up north to Duluth MN for our 5 year dating anniversary. We filled the weekend with all the tourist things to go see and do while we were there. Arriving on Friday we explored the waterfalls and the beautiful sights to see in northern MN. Friday night he suggested we get to bed early so we could visit one of the state parks on Saturday morning. Saturday morning came and I woke up and he wasn’t laying beside me, I heard him in the other room of our hotel and drifted back to sleep (turns out he was wide awake earlier than he had anticipated because he was so excited and nervous. He was texting my mom telling her how he has such bad butterflies.) I drifted back to sleep blissfully unaware of what our day was going to consist of. Once I woke up he suggested we hurry and get ready so we can head to the state park, which also happened to have a huge rose garden. We left the hotel and were on our way, I of course was oblivious to what was going on. Arriving at the state park was absolutely beautiful, the sun was shining, all of the flowers were in full bloom, and stunning lake superior was sparkling on the horizon. He took my hand and walked me down to the shore of lake superior, he told me we were looking for agates (the state stone of MN) as we were walking hand and hand I looked up to see him guiding us to a massive granite rock, with a dozen roses lying on top. My heart skipped a beat. He handed me the roses and kissed my cheek, I looked over to see photographers capturing our every emotions. Just the like the man of my dreams, my best friend and soul mate got down on one knee, said my full name, pulled out the most beautiful ring I could’ve ever asked for and asked me to marry him. I said YES, YES OF COURSE. He was so nervous he asked for the wrong hand at first, I couldn’t stop shaking. Oh my gosh, it happened, we are engaged. I’m going to spend the rest of my life with my best friend. He did so good, he remembered from years ago all of the requests I had. I never thought he’d remember them all, let alone make them all a reality. He had my whole family involved, my sister invited me to get my nails done before our trip, he asked my mother’s permission, he hired a photographer and videographer, he said my full name, and he got down on one knee. He hugged me so tight and I asked him if my mom and sisters knew and he told me my whole family knew. He had everyone involved. It was truly the best day of our entire lives. And this is just the beginning to our forever and always.

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Engagement Proposal Ideas in Duluth, MN on the shore of lake superior

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