Leah and Jacob

How We Met

Jacob and I first met in 7th grade. We had heard of each other through mutual friends in elementary school and my best friend had dated him in 6th grade for a short period of time, but we first actually met in 7th grade. We had the same group of friends and ended up actually dating in 8th grade for a whole 3 weeks before I made up some lame excuse to break up with him.

Leah and Jacob's Engagement in Silver Lake, Highland IL

Regardless, we were still friends as we always hung out together which continued through high school. After graduation, Jacob and I still kept in touch pretty regularly. When we would come home for holidays we would always end up hanging out with some friends together. We always were close.

Leah's Proposal in Silver Lake, Highland IL

We both say that there was always something more than friendship there but just was never the right time. The right time came after I finished college and was newly single, ready to have a major hip surgery and was stressed out. Jacob kept me calm the whole month leading up to it, by writing me notes here and there for me to find and sending me flowers while he was still at school.

Where to Propose in Silver Lake, Highland IL

He eventually asked me out on an official date in June of 2014. We went on a picnic at Glik park in Highland and played frisbee and talked. It was so simple but so perfect and the rest is history. A house, cat and dog later, here we are.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Silver Lake, Highland IL

how they asked

Jacob and I had discussed about a week before it happened that we wanted to go hiking and maybe have a picnic over the coming weekend. Only snag was that the day before Jacob told me that we had to watch our two nieces on that Saturday so that we were on a time limit. That morning, I was all antsy and ready to go hiking and packed our picnic and was ready to go, when Jacob suggested that we do laundry and just take our time. Me thinking, “we are on a time limit and I don’t want to feel rushed during our hike and picnic, I want to go now”. But he insisted we had plenty of time. Eventually around 1:30, we finally left. We drove out to Silver Lake Park, a regular spot for us to have picnics, and take our dog, Dunkel on walks or hiking. There is a spot that is kind of tucked away from the main part of the lake that we really liked to have our picnics so we went down there and sat in the sun.

We drank some wine and enjoyed some cheese and wine while Dunkel begged for snacks haha. After a little while, Jacob handed me a note. I was like “What is this?” and he said just felt like writing you a note, just read it. The note said: ” So I’m glad we got to do our picnic. It reminds me of our first date, which seems like it was only a couple of weeks ago. At the same time I feel like we’ve done so much together and grown so much too. I can’t imagine not having our little family and the house. I’ll keep this short. I love you so freaking much. You are my world and I want to be with you until the end of my days. Love, Jacob Charles, P.S. I have something to ask you, but I need you to stand up” About half way through reading this note, I knew what was happening and lost it. I really only remember standing up and seeing him on one knee and ask me to marry him and I don’t even remember what I exactly said but there was so much emotion from us both.

Of course I said yes at some point though haha. As soon as I did, I hear cheering. My best friend, Sami and her husband Noah, pop out from behind a tree who had been secretly been taking pictures of this whole thing. It was so amazing to be able to share that moment with my best friend. After the excitement we finished our picnic and Jacob said, well we still have to go watch our nieces so we need to go. They were eating dinner at a local bar in Highland and we were to pick them up there. We showed up and went to the back to find them.

Instead, I walked into the bar to find all of both of our families together to celebrate our engagement! Jacob went that extra mile to make sure that both of our families and our best friends were included in this special day and I couldn’t have imagined a better way for it to happen. It was truly the perfect proposal in my eyes.

Special Thanks

Samantha Haukap | 
Took pictures of the proposal
Noah Haukap | 
Helped with photography surprise