Leah and Ivan

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How We Met

Even saying this out loud (or should I say typing it) surprises me every time thinking back on how we actually met. Ivan and I met online, yes – on a dating app. After getting out of a horrible almost decade long relationship, I decided that it was time to have some fun, meet some new people and just enjoy life. As an old soul and an old fashioned type of girl, online dating wasn’t fun or easy for me. Countless messages would come into my inbox daily and they never seemed like anything more than a good laugh or a quick delete. A few months went by and I saw this guy with a shaved head, freckles cascading across his face, and the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen. I have to admit, Ivan wasn’t my type – AT ALL. But something that day told me to message him. YES, ME message HIM! I know something that day has led me to him, and well over a year later, here we are, engaged and ready to live my happily ever after. I have found the man of my dreams and I couldn’t be happier.

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how they asked

On a Thursday night, my closest girl friends and I decided to have dinner to catch up and eat some sushi. Just a casual Thursday night dinner, turned into something much, much more. I noticed that all my friends were acting a bit strange at dinner, texting pretty much from the minute we got there to the end. I was wondering if something was going on that I couldn’t be a part of, but i quickly let it slip my mind, as I knew my now fiance was at his softball games for the night. Dinner finished in about an hour and a half and my friend drove me back to my house. As we were driving up to my house I saw a balloon and rose on the mailbox with a note. I quickly looked at my friend and she said “byeeeee Leah” I knew in that moment, this was it… The first balloon and note started at the mailbox and a trail of roses lead from the mailbox to the front of the garage with another balloon, and another note, as i quietly began to cry from the surprise and rush of emotions, i picked up each and every rose that lead the last note, the note on the door in my garage, leading into my house.

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As I was reading the last night with all the roses in my hand, I heard music, my very favorite love song, the song I’ve always wanted for my wedding song “Never Stop” (Wedding Version) by Saftey suit. The music was so loud and blasting, i could hardly contain myself. I slowly opened the door and just stuck my head in to find the lights dimmed, candles, rose petals and our pictures everywhere leading 30 feet into the living room by the fire place with my fiance standing there. I knew it was then time.

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I walked over to him crying hysterically knowing what was about to happen. He told me how much I meant to him and how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and every moment lead him to me. He got down on one knee and asked to marry me and as we kissed and hugged , the song slowly ended and he quickly screamed out “SHE SAID YES!!!!” Then all my family and friends popped out of all the hidden corners of my house to celebrate the most special day of my life thus yet.

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