Leah and Hunter

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How We Met

Hunter and I met when we were just 19 years old. We actually had a ton of mutual friends and even went to the same college. Back on the twitter days, some of our tweets would get retweeted and we would reply to each other, and then we eventually just started talking back and forth more to each other. One night I was invited to go grab some food with some friends, and Hunter just happened to be there. From the day we met, we have been inseparable. I felt like I had known him my whole life, and I knew it was something special! Four and half years later, here we are- about to get married!

How They Asked

Hunter and I were getting ready to graduate with our Bachelor’s degrees May of 2018, and starting to get serious about our future plans. Hunter had saved up to buy us a home, and around May we saw a house right around where we lived that went up for sale. We walked the house and immediately fell in love, we started planning all the things we wanted to do with it. Hunter made the offer and about a week later told me we didn’t get it, but we would keep looking. About two months later, we had plans to go to dinner with his family that Friday afternoon, which was pretty normal for us. Hunter picks me up and says that the house we really liked is actually back on the market and he wants to drive by it real quick on the way to the restaurant.

We approach the house and Hunter starts to pull into the driveway, and I immediately knew. He threw me the keys and said: “go look at your home”. I was in complete disbelief as we walked the house! Hunter’s family was outside when we came out and he asked them to take a picture of us in front of our new home. As we pose for the picture, I see hunter moving and there he was- proposing! A house and a ring- it was the most insane and best day ever!

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