Leah and Humberto

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How We Met

Humberto and I met in 2019 and instantly clicked. There were no awkward silences or idle conversations. We kept going from one topic to another everytime we spoke. It was initially not supposed to be anything serious or long-term. But we couldn’t get enough of each other’s company. Every moment was full of laughter and smiles and happiness. That was 2019. No, every moment since then hasn’t been full of laughter and smiles. We endured long-distance and tough jobs and personal hardships. But thankfully it’s important to us that Issues are always left with an “I love you.” I knew within a couple of months I wanted to marry him. He was selfless with me. His view on love was admirable, and I could tell he was wanting to give special love to me that he hadn’t given to anyone else. And I wanted to give him love so pure and reassurance that he is so special. His desire to be a better man for me was so present. He actively worked on himself and aided me in working on myself. Love is putting other people’s needs before your own, and that’s exactly what he does for me. And I will never take his love and presence for granted.

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How They Asked

Humberto said we were going to have a picnic on April 15th, 2021. I love picnics, but he doesn’t particularly care for them. So I felt like something was up. I didn’t question too much because he is known to be spontaneous sometimes. He buys me a dress for the picnic and a basket and blanket, just like I had always wanted. He then tells me to ask my best friend to take me so we could ride back together. Again, I got suspicious. I told my mom that I felt like he was going to propose soon and she got super excited right away. The morning of the picnic comes. I get ready and he drives from Naples, Florida to St Pete, Florida and I walk across the field to the picnic he set up for me. I run to him and he starts telling me how he loves me and I’m the most amazing woman. He tells me he wants to spend the rest of his life with me and it hits me that he’s going to propose. I start crying as I watch him get down on one knee and I’m crying so hard I can’t see. In one quick gesture of putting a ring on my finger, he was promising to love and protect my heart for the rest of our lives. And I am forever grateful.

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