Leah and Hudson

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How We Met

Hudson and I met in college at Gardner-Webb university. He was a football player and I was a track and cross country runner. We always were super friendly to eachother but that was all, we were both dating other people. The start of our sophomore year we were both single and we had literature class together and we sat next to eachother (probably just because we were the only ones we knew in that class) that’s when I (Leah) figured out that man this was a guy I could really see myself with. We sat next to eachother every day and helped eachother out in that class as much as possible and did our group projects together also. I knew I liked Hudson a lot but I was in that stage of still “in love” with my ex, so like a young girl would do I got back together with my ex and Hudson started dating someone else as well. We stayed friends and always said hey to eachother every time we passed by.

Fast forward to two years after graduating from college and living in different states. I was going through some tough times with dating guys that weren’t right for me and trying to figure out life as a first year teacher. One day I got a random text from Hudson asking how I was and he was hoping that I still had the same number. This text couldn’t have came at a better time. I always told myself that Hudson is a man that I can see myself marrying and I thought to myself the next girl that he dates surely he’s going to end up marrying.

Ever since that one text we never stopped texting since and a couple weeks later I asked him to be my date to my best friends wedding. Surprisingly he said yes! Tough part for him was he was going to a concert the night before the wedding in South Carolina and the wedding was at my home in Florida. So he proceeded to go to the concert with his friends then drove through the night to my apartment where he arrived at 6:30AM and I had to leave at 7 AM to go get ready for the wedding. It was a quick “it’s so great to see you but I gotta go now but I’ll see you at the wedding.” We had a wonderful time at the wedding and it was like we were dating for years already, so natural. We shared our first kiss at the wedding and I knew from there I don’t ever want to let this one go.

We did (and still do) long distance and it honestly isn’t a problem with this amazing man of mine. Everyone told me to not try long distance because I couldn’t even make an hour away relationship work and no one wanted to see me hurt again. But I’ve never seen someone put so much effort into a relationship. He will drive 6 hours to me just to spend a day with me, then 6 hours back home for work. We dated for a year and a month before he popped the question!

how they asked

So last Sunday at my other best friends engagement party she decided to inform me that she was getting her engagement pictures done on Saturday and she wanted Addie and I there for maid of honor pictures. I am mediately thought that this would be a perfect moment for Hudson to propose. The week went on and I still had the idea in my head that this might be the time that he actually does propose but Hudson kept throwing some loopholes at me so I wasn’t suspicious. He told me he couldn’t Come down this weekend because he had to be at 7V7 football practice every day that weekend (which isn’t abnormal- the season was starting and he was a head coach now.) I was upset because Friday night before the proposals my brother and sister-in law were doing their baby gender reveal and he was going to miss it and he couldn’t FaceTime because he had football practice. After the reveal I got a text from Hudson that one of his players were sick at practice and he thought he got it too. Immediately the thought of this weekend working out went out of my mind and I was instantly sad.

Saturday morning came and I couldn’t sleep the night before because I still had hope that today would be the day! I went to Brittany’s house (who’s engagment pics we had that day) and we all got dolled up and headed out to the beach where the photographer was going to meet us. Once we got out to the beach I was instantly nervous because I just had that gut feeling that this actually was it. We parked and walked on the beach trying to find our friend taking the pictures for us and boy it felt like we walked for a mile in the friddged wind. I saw a few people all standing together further up the beach and I asked Brittany if that was my dad (I can pick him out anywhere which those old man jeans and silver hair haha) once I said that I turned around and Hudson was walking towards me and I saw his dad was snapping pictures. THIS WAS IT, I KNEW IT! BUT THIS IS REAL LIFE OMG PINCH ME!! We hugged for eternity and just soaked in the moment and Hudson got down on one knee and told me he doesn’t want to live without me and if I would marry him. He says that I said yes before he even asked which I’m sure I did! Haha but I turned around after he put the most gorgeous ring ever on my finger and saw that his entire family from South Carolina was behind me, along with my entire family, and our best friends. I couldn’t have imagined it any other way! This was by far the best day of my life!

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