Leah and Gregory

photo (15)Greg had fooled me into thinking that he was working on building out a roof deck that we have been talking about for the last couple of months.  On Sunday the 28th of September, he brought me to lunch. When we were at lunch it hit me ” Wait isn’t this the place we came on our first date ?” Greg replied “hmm .maybe.. I think so”   Later I realized it was all part of the plan.   He told me we were going for a massage and that we had dinner reservations set up for dinner. I got dressed up and we headed out to the massage.  On the way to the massage Greg surprised me with a pair of sunglasses I really wanted.  This really threw me off because I was subconsciously wanting a ring :)

On the ride home from the massage he told me we needed to stop home to give me another gift .  It was really nothing out of the ordinary because Greg does romantic things like this for me.  We got home and he was like ” go check on the new plants I got for the balcony”  (We were throwing a party the next week and were cleaning up our balcony) He said he wanted to go check something on the roof that he was working on. It is so normal of Greg to go on tangents with projects so I just figured he was really passionate about the roof deck he was envisioning.  While I was downstairs waiting for him he called me to come upstairs and check something out with him.  I opened the roof door to a aisle of beautiful rose pedals, I was in complete shock.  I couldn’t understand what was happening.  I followed the rose pedals around the corner and there Greg was on one knee.

photo (12)

A harpist performed in the background as I walked toward him with the NYC Skyline behind us.  The sunset was perfect.  I was overcome with emotions and couldn’t stop shaking .  Greg has hired a personal Chef for our special night from Amanda’s Restaurant in Hoboken.  They set up a beautiful dining table for us and Greg had created a customized menu for us.  He also hired an incredible harpist who played the whole night.  Greg was able to arrange all this during the day and kept me out of the house as much as possible!  Too describe the experience in words does not do it justice.  It was a incredibly magical experience.  I felt like a princess. It was a life changing experience for me.   The best part is that someone would take the time out to make all these details possible and memorable and that it was all for you.

photo (16)