Leah and Greg

Image 1 of Leah and Greg

How We Met: Some background info about Greg and I: Greg transferred schools our junior year of high school to a Catholic school in Johnstown, PA. Being in a small school I knew of Greg but didn’t talk to him until our senior year. We like to say our love stemmed from a mutual dislike of each other’s favorite colleges, mine being Pitt and his being Penn State. Our love story is one of ups and downs and lots of driving and communicating through letters, text messages, and phone calls. After we graduated high school Greg went to play college football that was a little over an hour away from my hometown so on weekends one of us would be traveling to see one another. After our freshmen year of college Greg transferred to the same school as me and we got to see a lot more of each other. Last summer Greg joined the military, so we were apart for four months, for much of the time we could only communicate through letters (you know the old fashion way of talking). After an entire summer of Greg being away at training he finally came home! Now a year later Greg has an internship that is almost 5 hours away from where I live, which brings me to how they asked.
how they asked: I went to visit Greg where he is living now for his summer internship. While we were in the car on the way to his place I opened the glove compartment in his car, glanced in and accidentally saw a ring box! Greg yelled over to me “You’re not allowed in there!” Of course I immediately closed the glove box and was internally freaking out! On the second to the last day I was visiting, June 27, 2015, Greg and I traveled 2 hours to Spring Lake, NJ to go to the beach. The day was rainy, cold, and dreary but we had the best time just unwinding and being together. We made it to the beach and were walking along the board walk for a while when Greg told me he had to make a call to his mom. So as he walked along the shore I sat on a bench on the board walk and waited for him to come back, all the while wondering if today would be the day. Eventually Greg came back and we started walking again, we made down to the shore and started picking out some seashells from the sand. At this point, it was beginning to rain a bit harder so we decided to head back to the car and drive around and see what else was around. About a half an hour later Greg told me he had to make another call, parked the car, got out in the rain and called my dad to ask his permission to marry me. After he got off the phone we drove back to the beach and walked out on the sand. Greg held me, hugged me, and kissed me. I vaguely remember Greg reaching down, me saying “What are you doing?” He got down on one knee and said “Leah, will you marry me?” I shook my head and he said “Is that a yes?” Of course, I said “Yes” through teary eyes. After I realized what had just happened I turned to him and said about 100 times “Are you sure?!” and “Is this for real?!” To top this wonderful day off, Greg and I then drove to Carlo’s Bakery (I have an obsession with baking and eating cupcakes and any other baked goods I can get my hands on), home of the famous Cake Boss and celebrated by getting cupcakes, a cannoli, and a brownie to share. We are so excited that after nearly 4 years together and through distance, obstacles, and anything else life could throw at us, that we will be saying I do!

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