Leah and George

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How We Met

George’s Dad and I work together and he was telling me about his son and how we should meet. George called and texted me a week before our first date on 9/26/2015. I had no idea where we were going and he wouldn’t tell me. Our first date was at Painting with a Twist and from that day on we have been inseparable. We have traveled together and been to numerous events around the metroplex with the intent of always trying something new and different. We both learned from reading, “The 5 love languages” that we both share the love language quality time…so it is just natural that we are always together.

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how they asked

George informed me that he would be out of town the first weekend in August for a wedding. I wasn’t too upset because I had agreed to help my friend with a networking event at the Nasher Sculpture Center that weekend as well. I went to purchase a new dress, shoes and jewelry for the event that was a treat from George. I showed up to the event on Saturday afternoon with my friend Sharonda and my daughter Brooklyn to be the most dazzling hostess I could be. Sharonda asked me to wait to talk to the man that was in charge of the entire event. I was told to walk outside into the courtyard and he was waiting for me. I walked outside and walked up numerous steps into the courtyard and was shocked when a woman began to take my picture. I continued walking toward the garden area, but I could not see anyone. I did however, see a man standing with a guitar in the distance, I walked closer to the man and then I could see a pink runner lined along the walkway with pink and white flowers on the side. I stopped wondering what was going on and then George appeared from being one of the sculptures in the garden…..Waterworks!!!! I instantly knew what was going on. The guitarist Denzel started to play one of the songs that George plays for me often, “You and I” by John Legend. More waterworks…he then wiped my tears and asked Denzel to play one of my favorite songs ever that George has said reminded me so much of me. He began to play, “Just the way you are” by Bruno Mars we slow danced and then he proceeded with his proposal. George asked, Leah (insert full name) will you make me the happiest man here today…..Will You Marry Me??? As he was bent down on one knee making sure to not get his crisp white slacks dirty. I said, “YES YES YES!!!!!” It was a joyous and welcomed surprise to see that my family and friends were all watching from the cafe of the museum. I was showered with red, white and yellow roses from each of them. We toasted with champagne to a wonderful new chapter of our lives that we began on that day. Leah and George 8/5/17 #lg #lifesgood

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