Leah and Eric

How We Met: It all started when Eric messaged Leah on OkCupid. While he was hesitant about online dating sites he took a chance and it all paid off. Eric set a time to meet Leah at PS450, a trendy bar in Murray Hill, where they would have a drink. Little did they know this was the start of their amazing love story.

how they asked: Eric planned a weekend getaway to a boutique hotel in the Pocono Mountains. Leah thought this was just a romantic gesture for the two of them. To her surprise, it became much much more. While walking through a nature trail, Eric took a knee and asked for Leah’s hand in marriage.

Image 1 of Leah and Eric

Image 2 of Leah and Eric

Image 3 of Leah and Eric

After many sobs and smiles, Eric pointed over to the bushes where a woman emerged, camera in hand.

Image 4 of Leah and Eric

Image 5 of Leah and Eric

Eric had planned the whole thing. An even better surprise awaited Leah at the hotel… both her and Eric’s families were waiting there to join in the celebration!

Image 6 of Leah and Eric

Image 7 of Leah and Eric

Image 8 of Leah and Eric

Image 9 of Leah and Eric

Photos by: Gina Lenz Photography