Leah and Dylan

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How We Met

Dylan and I met our junior year of high school. He still claims to this day it was our sophomore year but it was 11th grade. We were in the same English class and I didn’t say much to him but he loved to make the class laugh. I personally thought he was a “jock” and would never talk to me. Funny how that changed!

Our senior year came and we had physics together first thing in the morning. Dylan never came prepared with a pencil (or says he didn’t) so I would always give him one. He would make sure I would get it back at the end of the every day. He would take me home from school and he asked me out on our first day at the end of the school year. We went on several dates but I was being stubborn. We eventually became official July 22nd, 2012 after Dylan asking me 6 times to be his girlfriend. I’m so glad I finally said yes! We went to college in different states and managed to make it work. I haven’t looked back since! He Dylan is one of the hardest working people I know and truly my best friend.

How They Asked

Dylan totally shocked me with the proposal! I was completely surprised and it was all so well put together! Here is how it all went down:

Ashlee, my future sister-in-law texted me the weekend before and said how she would be home for an eye appointment and asked if I wanted to go to the Grove City Outlets with her after. Of course I said yes, because who doesn’t love the outlets? We made plans to get a bite to eat beforehand too! Well later that week we were texting to see what one another was going to wear since it was going to be pretty warm for a September day. Ashlee mentioned about wearing a sun dress since it would be hot. I said yeah I probably will wear jeans and a tank top, but I would much rather prefer to wear running shorts and a t shirt. She encouraged me to look “cute” for our lunch date, so I did.

Saturday comes and I am so excited to go shopping. I met Ashlee at her house and Dylan is just chilling on the couch with his mom and dad which is pretty typical for a Saturday. I asked Dylan if he wanted to go with us and he said no, he had some other stuff to do. I said alrighty then, have fun and Ashlee and I left.

On our way down the street, Ashlee said she needed to get her debit card from Sean (her husband) and he would meet us at the high school then we would be on our way. We met up with Sean and he hands her a card and then hands me an envelope with a #1 on it in Dylan’s handwriting. I was so confused, but was told to open it and that is when I realized what was happening. Dylan wrote about how this is where we met and how he still can’t believe I actually enjoyed riding in his “old truck”. In the envelope there was also a pencil. One that I had given him to use for the day, but he did not return this one. I was shocked. After I tried to convince Ashlee to tell me what was going on, I told her we the letter said to go where we had our first date to pick up a pizza.

We get to Tuscany and I see our friend Zach holding a pizza box. I was actually so excited to see the pizza. I thought I was having lunch with Ashlee so I hadn’t eaten yet and was starved. Zach handed me the pizza and it was in the shape of a heart. I also got an envelope with the #2 on it. This letter talked about our first date and how he was so happy I loved to eat. Unfortunately at this moment, I was so nervous I couldn’t eat any of the pizza, so I saved it for the next day. The end of the letter told me to visit where we would go fishing.

We pull up to the pond and our friend Hailey is on the quad. I was so happy to see her. She gave me two fish hooks in the shape of a heart and envelope number 3. Dylan said how proud of me he was for being able to bait a hook and take the fish off without any help. (Thanks Dad) Then we were off to where we had our first kiss.

I see Anthony’s car on the corner of the road not far from the pond and he has a huge bag of Hershey Kisses and envelope number 4. Dylan wrote about our first kiss and by now, I figured out where this was going. The letter sent me to where we would all hang out in high school.

Ashlee and I pulled along side of the road where there is a field by a waterfall. Jono is there to meet us with envelope # 5 and a Miller Lite. I was told to hand the beer back to Jono and then walk over to the waterfall. This is where I saw Dylan all dressed up (this is when I realized I should have worn a sundress) and looking amazing.

Dylan didn’t seem nervous at all and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes! He said he had to ask me to 6 different places because he asked me 6 times to be my boyfriend and I turned him down 5/6 of those times. Oops! I am definitely glad I said yes!

Later that evening, Dylan arranged for a surprise engagement party with our friends and family. It was such an amazing and unforgettable day!

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