Leah and Dean

Image 1 of Leah and Dean

How We Met

Dean and I met at YMCA camp in 2012, when we were both camp counselors. It was early June during staff training and all the staff were passing around a frisbee to get to know each other. I continued to pass to him because I thought he was cute, but it took me a couple passes to remember his name.

how they asked

August 28th, 2017 Leah and I had dinner reservations for Murray’s Steakhouse in Minneapolis. I had planned this out for a little while; we were going to have dinner, go on a small walk, and then I’d propose. After we finished our wonderful dinner we drove a few blocks down to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. Leah kept asking “why are we here?”, and to not give anything away I answered “I just wanted to walk around with you”. We continued to walk a little longer, but Leah started to get cold right as we reached the Cherry and the Spoon Sculpture. Normally I would have given her my jacket, but I had the ring in my pocket so I thought this was the perfect time. I sighed, and said: “Alright. The real reason we’re here is because I wanted to ask you something”; I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me.