Leah and Chris

How We Met

Chris and I met at Susquehanna University, our undergraduate alma mater. During our sophomore year, we had Spanish class together and sat next to each other every day. We would occasionally talk, but nothing beyond subtle hints of flirtation (I was trying to focus!) Occasionally, we would see each other out at bars and fraternity parties, but neither of us had any courage but to stare from across a crowded room.

After approximately 106 Facebook pokes back and forth, I messaged him that we should get together some time, to which he (of course) agreed! Halloween came around, and we finally connected and hit it off immediately. He was dressed up as himself (because costumes are so cliche) and I was immediately taken by his witty charm :)

Flash forward to 2018, where we’ve had our fair share of ups, downs, and all things in between. One thing holds true- when you keep coming back to each other, you know it’s undeniably, love. He encourages me to be my best, adventurous, silly and creative self and supports me regardless of the obstacles that come our way. We’re best friends, and I couldn’t imagine having anyone else by my side to share this journey with!

how they asked

Chris isn’t a big Valentine’s Day celebrator, because “I love you every day” #swoon ❤️ This year, he wanted to plan something spontaneous and booked a room at the Lewisburg Hotel, nearby our previous home of Mifflinburg, PA. We spent the day having the most amazing breakfast at my favorite coffee shop, D.C. coffee, and shopping the nearby antique stores.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in R. B. Winter State Park, Mifflinburg, PA

Despite the subzero temperatures that weekend, Chris really wanted to visit R.B. Winter State Park, a beautiful man-made lake that we used to hike, swim, and spend our days off at. We were looking out at the view of the frozen lake, untouched sand, and endless evergreens; behind me, Chris said, “You know I love you right?”

Leah's Proposal in R. B. Winter State Park, Mifflinburg, PA

”yes of course I do!” Was my response, but when I turned around, he was kneeling in the sand, with a huge sparkler waiting for my approval. His speech was beautiful, and in summation told me that I was his best friend, true love, and nothing makes him happier than spending every day together. I screamed and the rest is history (Peep the bling!)??❤️