Leah and Brad

How We Met

It took us 29 years to find each other, but thanks to Bumble and a mutual swipe right, there was a match! I will never forget swiping on his profile. I thought he was just the most good looking man and between his bio and a picture of him with his newborn niece, I thought he was genuine and worth getting to know. I’m not sure how much time passed between my swipe and our match, but late on August 5th, 2017, a Saturday night, I was laying in bed (cool – I know) and felt my phone buzz. I look down to a notification “buzz buzz you have a new bee in the hive!”. I open to see and there he was. My first thought “oh my God, it’s the good looking one!!!”. I kept my cool and told myself that reaching out could wait until Sunday. He said my conversation starter, which was about his bio, is what hooked him. I didn’t start with just a “hi”. After talking all day he asked if I would be up for meeting Friday or Saturday. I was tired of dating and wasting my time, so I said Friday night. I joked earlier in the day “tonight I meet my future husband!”

Where to Propose in Philadelphia, PA

Initially, it was supposed to be dinner and drinks in Philadelphia – until he admitted that he began watching ‘The Office’ – only the best show ever – and joked “let’s just stay in, eat pizza and watch The Office!” and I happily agreed! He thought that I was joking. Come Friday, I let several of my girlfriends know where I would be and drove to his apartment in Center City, where I had my last first date.

Proposal Ideas Philadelphia, PA

Fast forward almost two years (August 11, 2019) we have only grown more in love. From traveling, date nights, Eagles Super Bowl win, getting our first apartment together, adopting our puppy Sadie, turning 30, the ups and downs and AN ENGAGEMENT. He is the absolute love of my life.

Leah and Brad's Engagement in Philadelphia, PA

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How They Asked

On Friday, June 21st, 2019 Brad had planned a double date with his best friend TJ and his girlfriend Nicole for 7:30 pm in the Rittenhouse Square area. I went to work (which is very close to our apartment) where we had a low-key day and he works in the city so after work I went home to take our dog for a walk before meeting co-workers for Happy Hour before my train and decided “I should shower and get ready for dinner. Thankfully I did!

After arriving in the city, I walk up the stairs from underground and see my guy. He greets me with a hug and kiss and takes my hand as we cross JFK Blvd. He takes out his phone to call TJ, confirming that we will meet across the street in LOVE Park. They just put up a new “I <3 Philly” sign with a backdrop of City Hall, my favorite building.

We see a line for pictures and he said: “Want to get a picture?” I, of course, said yes, but the line was long so he said: “Let’s take a selfie while we wait for the line to die down”. I thought nothing of it, I put my arm around his shoulder and happily posed. He turns to see that it cleared up and we asked a woman to take our picture. We stand in front of the new sign and Brad asks me to put his work badge in my fanny pack (he banked on me wearing my signature bag to distract me while he pulled the ring out). I look down to do so and see his hands go behind him, I thought he was fixing his pants. It turns out, that is where he stored the ring.

The next thing I know, he takes my hand and kisses me. As he is getting down on one knee everything around me seems to stop. Yes – that actually happens. I asked him what he was doing and he said “Leah, will you marry me?”. I hear the clicking of a camera as I start coming back to reality, trying to shake the shock away. I say yes as I bend over and cry.

He put so much thought and love into proposing. He made me think we had plans to get me into the city, he brought me to my favorite view on the most beautiful day and he made me the happiest woman alive. AND he hired my dream photographer to capture it all.

I cannot wait to marry him on September 19th, 2020. He is the most kind, funny, hardworking, compassionate and patient man. I hoped this kind of love existed for me and then he came along just as I was about to surrender. With his love, he erased the damage done by others in the past and brought so much excitement for the future.

Special Thanks

Nik Morina
 | Photographer