Leah and Andrew

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How We Met

A little background on us: I was just entering her final year of Physician Assistant school, moved back home just north of Boston to focus on my surgical rotations while Andrew had just started a new job at a software company and living in Cambridge, MA. We both recently had ended relatively long-term relationships over the summer and were not at all looking for anything serious, let alone anything at all. Perhaps out of boredom of the summer coming to a close, we downloaded Hinge and quickly matched with each other.

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After a week of playing the back/forth messaging, I having cancelled twice on him, tried even a third time, I finally agreed to meet up on the esplanade along the Charles River. I remember texting my friends trying to find a way to back out and my friends pushing me along that I’ll have a great time and worst case, could just dog watch. The date was amazing – filled with a picnic of beer and charcuterie (although I was a bit thrown off why he pulled out a steak knife on a first date), we petted a few dogs along the way, and then he invited me to come over for dinner that night where he pulled out all the stops with some homemade Lemon Gnocchi.

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Instantly we felt the connection and truly began to fall in love. We only could wait 1-day for our next date, said “I love you” three weeks later, met the families shortly after, and spent very few days apart given the demands of my rotations. A year from then – I got a job offer at a cancer hospital in NYC and as he works from home, we were able to pack up our Boston life and move down to Brooklyn. We never once felt we were moving too fast and the progression of our relationship just felt so natural in contrast to previous experiences.

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How They Asked

Andrew says he knew, or well had a very strong inkling suspicion that he would one day marry me shortly after our first date. Planning the proposal was easy as from the very first week of meeting, he would drop into the notes section of my iPhone things I’d say, dates we went on, what made me happy, basically anything that characterized our relationship and progression of our love. The mountains of Vermont mean so much to me, as does the ocean of the Long Island Sound to him.

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Our love for adventures, traveling, national parks, etc. made proposing in Acadia National Park an obvious choice for him. Under the cover of his 30th birthday, we rented an Airbnb just outside the park, on the Atlantic Ocean overlooking the park with the drastic idyllic mountains in the background. Our close friends, Rob and his fiance, Erin, honestly deserve all the credit in the proposal as they orchestrated the entire event, just going off of his Pinterest boards, Google Doc vision board, and the 4-months and thousand text messages he spammed them with.

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The evening before his birthday, he convinced me to go on a drive around the park to see the sunset, go to the top of Cadillac Mountain, and get ice-cream, which allowed Rob/Erin exactly the 3-hrs that they needed to swoop in and transform the entire backyard into a surreal beautiful oasis. The entire day went flawlessly as the forecast was supposed to thunderstorm all day, but stopped exactly at 5p when we left and our friends arrived. On our drive back we managed to arrive exactly 15min after they left which allowed them just enough time to escape down the single road that led to our house. When we arrived I somehow managed to not hear the music of Lord Huron playing in the background or the heaps of rose petals lining the path from the driveway.

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I happened to notice there were additional lights strung in the trees but he quickly convinced me they were probably solar-powered and didn’t turn on the night before. I began rummaging in the backseat for my sandals, Cheez-It box, backpack – he quickly ran to the other side, grabbed everything from me, and took my hand to lead me towards the rose petal path leading to the ocean. It was then that I looked up and realized what was going on and that this wasn’t just a really great date night. I immediately blacked out as he led me to the ocean with his clammy hand in mine and the Cheez-It box in his other.

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We arrived at the water’s edge and there was the tent/fort that our friends erected (we often build pillow forts in our apartment and it was in one that was the first time he told me I love you).

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The backdrop of the ocean with the mountains in the distant, over 100 candles surrounding us, Edison light-bulbs and mason jar fairy lights strung through the trees, a tent with pillows/throw blankets and a table holding champagne, my favorite flowers (peonies), our Adventure Book from the movie “UP” that each holiday we give to each other with added pictures of our relationship story, and of course a charcuterie board with a steak knife. He got down on one knee and pulled out this custom driftwood ring box he had made and popped the question…….obviously I said yes!

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Special Thanks

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