Leah and Allen's In-Flight Proposal

Engagement pic just off plane in Sao Paulo

How We Met

The story of Allen and Leah began through a mutual friend, Jordan Honsinger. After hearing from Jordan that they had both walked through very similar journeys, they connected via social media at the end of January 2015. They each began sharing their stories of how God had faithfully brought them through a very challenging season in life.

Leah had first messaged Allen and started to share her story, from there Allen started opening up about the long hard road he had endured. After a few weeks of countless messages and some persuading from a close girlfriend, Leah asked Allen to go for coffee so they could connect on a deeper level rather than just on social media. Allen and Leah ended up meeting at a Harvey’s (burger joint) in Niagara Falls where they chatted, laughed, and shared their life stories.

The intention of this “coffee” was not to date but to share their experiences about how God brought each of them through a such a difficult season. However, after that night Leah new that something was different about this guy. As time went on, it became apparent that a special connection was happening between them, but they didn’t want to rush into dating for a few reasons. As they both had endured a challenging journey, they both felt they were not necessarily ready to date. So, they committed to building a friendship and to seeing where that relationship would lead.

They communicated frequently and the messages soon turned into phone calls, some of which lasted 4-5 hours! They sacrificed a lot of sleep in those early days and would sometimes end up going to bed as late as 3 AM after these long intense conversations. They were both really enjoying getting to know each other and the newness of this season of friendship. It seemed like they couldn’t get enough of getting to know each other. The phone calls turned to more “coffee” outings and as time passed, both of them knew this relationship was going somewhere.

Eventually Allen asked Leah her thoughts on dating and her heart leaped. She had been praying about this and where she felt it was going for a few months. So, in April they shared their first kiss and in May of 2015 Allen and Leah started dating or what they preferred to call, “doing life together.” The spring and summer were filled with various types of dates. Sometimes they would spend time together with no kids and at other times, they had dates with the kids, having lots of fun.

As their relationship grew, they continued to see God in their midst, and knew that he had placed them together for a second chance at love. Their experiences, desire for God, and passion for church ministry, drew them closer. They they began discussing their future, getting married, blending families, and working together in ministry.


how they asked

One night in July after a dinner at The Keg Steakhouse, Allen asked Leah if she wanted to go ring shopping. She was delighted at the thought and quickly finished her food and said, “let’s get to it”. After a few hours of looking around, Leah knew she found the one ring that she loved. Little did she know, but that same week, Allen secretly went and bought the ring. So, yes you are reading this right, he bought the ring in July and held onto it until November!

Over the next few months Allen toyed with a variety of ideas on how he would propose to his new love. He narrowed it down to a few proposal options, but, when he found out that Leah would be coming with him and his band to Brazil, he knew that would be his chance to surprise her in a way she would never expect.  Allen reached out to the president of Air Canada who assigned a team to help him pull off the elaborate proposal. His band mates were completely in on it as well as the film crew!

Allen Froese Band at Pearson Departures (1)

You may have seen Allen’s epic proposal at 35,000 feet that ended up going viral across the world back in November. If you haven’t seen it, now is your chance to watch that special moment.

Enjoy the video, and watch as God redeems, and makes all things new!

Newly Engaged

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