Leah and Alex

Image 1 of Leah and Alex

How We Met

We met at a bar just a week after I moved permanently to Salt Lake City from Oklahoma. A friend and I were playing his brother and him in pool. It was his brother’s birthday. They kept beating us and I was definitely a little frustrated. So much so that I was very oblivious to his interest in me when he asked for my number. As I was on the way to the restroom I told him to get it from my friend who had bonded with his brother over their shared Masters Degree classes. Thankfully, Alex didn’t give up. He tried to ask me on a breakfast date the next morning and I continued to be oblivious to the fact it was a date and let him know I was broke until I got my first paycheck. Finally I caught on and said yes to a date. Ha!

How They Asked

I had worked all weekend and was able to ask for Labor Day off. We drove up to Truckee from Reno and went on a bike ride then decided to enjoy one of the last few warm days in the river. After we picked our spot, he proposed on the shoreline before we went swimming.