Lea and Lakhi

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How We Met

Lakhi and I met in the Philippines on Bumble back in March 2018. I just got out of a relationship nearly 6 months prior to meeting him and he was there helping his mother with their business. My friends were the ones that set up my account, swiping right to every possible man they could find. They wanted me to just try it out and explore. I wasn’t new to the whole online dating thing since I’ve tried to use another app once or twice in the past, but at that time I was newly single and didn’t know what I was looking for so I didn’t really bother to put much effort into it. To put it simply, I just went along for the fun. I saw his profile, read it, and found it interesting so I swiped right and it was a match. To be honest I can’t even remember what is on there but at that moment I found him interesting. I messaged a simple “Hey”. As per Bumble rules, it’s the woman who has to message first. We started our conversations from there and I ACTUALLY thought he was a *bleeeeep*. It wasn’t that nice of an initial “first impression” texting conversation between us. I actually thought he was mean. I guess he also felt the conversation was also bleak and dry because we didn’t speak after two or three days. But after that period, he actually messaged me to go on a date with him. I found it intriguing that after dry conversation exchanges and not talking for a couple of days, this guy would still ask me out. Maybe he and I were not on the same wavelength through text? Whatever it may be, it intrigued me slightly, and even if a huge part of me was so skeptical, I agreed to the date.

Date day came and I was just so busy that I worked overtime at work. A good 98% of myself was already thinking about ghosting him (I know, how rude). I was tired, it was 8 pm (which was late in my opinion) and I had to drive all the way home which would take about 45mins. Right before leaving him, I sent him a message (which I should’ve sent earlier in the day but I was just so packed) if we were still on for tonight. He didn’t respond right away so that was my queue. I’d drive off and go straight home and once he did reply I would’ve probably already been home or on the highway and I’d come up with some excuse. As I was driving off, a friend who knew about the date called. She asked about it and I told her that I’m ditching and going home because it was late. She told me it was unfair and that I should wait a bit more. At this point, I was approaching a stop sign which if I go past it, leads straight home. Just to get the conversation over with I told her that if he doesn’t text or call when the light hits green, I will just ditch and go. Mind you, the stoplight had a countdown and it was 3 seconds until it turns green. She immediately hung up the phone, and as she did, his text message suddenly popped up! Did the Universe just hear me out or what?! I don’t know what got into me but I did a hard right on the steering wheel and went for the other direction, straight to the place he texted he wanted us to meet. In my head I was thinking “What am I doing? I’ll never like this guy! He’s rude and assuming…” I just don’t think we’d get along. I found a parking spot already near the place but I just wasn’t ready to go there and meet him so instead, I texted him if there was parking. “That should give me more time,” I thought. I was stalling obviously but it came to a point where I just have to buck up and meet this guy. How bad could he be? If I didn’t like him, I’d just respectfully bid adieu and move on. So there I was, I entered the small cafe and I went in line to get my hot chocolate, I didn’t know where he was so I just stood there. To my surprise, he was the guy in front of me! “LEA!” He said loudly. I jumped a little cause I easily get spooked but I greeted him. He asked if I drink coffee, I said I don’t but I do drink hot chocolate to which he gave off a weird face but proceeded to get our drinks anyway.

After getting our drinks, he sat down and we started talking to one another well… let me tell you, I was blown away by how good our conversations were going. We talked about work, hobbies, travel… it was going so well until we had to move out because the cafe was about to close. We moved to a restaurant where I noticed he was now on his phone more often. It was really rude. He said he just had to cancel on some things and that he’ll get right into the conversation as soon as he’s done canceling them. Then I realized that this dude set up meetings exactly the same time as our date thinking it wouldn’t work out! I was chuckling at the thought so I blurted out “Don’t worry, I was gonna ditch you too”. He looked up and laughed and said “Yes! I was gonna do that!”. After that, we laughed and talked a lot until the restaurant closed. We walked around a couple of blocks continuing with our discussion until it was 3 am and we had to go. I gave him a simple kiss to which he replied that he was saving it for the second date. After that date, the rest was, as people say it, was history.

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How They Asked

I always thought that when I’d get engaged, I’d get the hint that I’d have my manicure done a week before and have my makeup done on the day of the proposal. But this time the Universe has its own way of presenting you with your own milestone.

Lakhi and I have been in a semi-long distance relationship. We frequently traveled together. So on February 18, 2022, we were on a Ski/Snowboarding trip with our friends in Park City, Utah. What I thought would be a normal vacation turned out to be a trip that’ll change our lives. We arrived in Park City late at night on February 16, 2022. On our first day of Snowboarding, I had such a tough time. I had a shortboard that I ended up falling on my body. The second day was far better, after snowboarding for a little while my legs were beginning to be quite tired, but Lakhi said that we needed to go up the top of the Crescent Lift and take a scenic picture with our friends. We do that all the time together anyway so I didn’t suspect anything. We took an all-girls photo, all boys, then each couple with different poses we each copied off of each other.

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Unsuspectingly we have a pose turned back from the camera facing the scenic view.

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When it came to me it took a while. One of my friends even told me to move my hand, I mean how many ways can I move my hand while facing back?

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Then they even made a countdown to when I would turn back…

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It was from that point that I got nervous when I was about to turn around. I didn’t think too hard about it but I was really shocked seeing him there. I cried. I literally cried.

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To actually experience it is on another worldly level. I was so happy that I got to celebrate this milestone with the love of my life, our friends, and other skiers and snowboarders.

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He got me my dream ring a radiant cut on a split shank 18k yellow gold band which was made by Merry Richards Jewelers of Chicago. It was a beautiful snowy proposal captured by our friends on our phones. We are beyond fortunate to have friends who knew how to take our pictures worthy to be framed and hung up on the wall. I cannot be more grateful to them for helping Lakhi plan and prepare for the entire thing. It was a happy occasion shared with our friends and others and one that is something my now Fiancé and I would never forget.

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