Lea and Adedotun

How We Met

Dotun and I met at the church we were both attending in Seattle. He saw me from afar leading the children’s choir in Christmas carols and found himself interested. We met later that day during gospel choir practice and gradually began talking.

How They Asked

Lea: The proposal was definitely a surprise! I was trying pretty hard to change up our plans for that afternoon since it was raining, but Dotun had made plans that he would propose that afternoon on the beach where we had first started dating; there was a photographer waiting in the bushes and friends waiting at a surprise party for afterwards, so it had to go according to plan. Lucky for him, the rain cleared and I agreed to go out to the beach. He made up a whole guise of taking pictures for his mom, so I was in Yoruba attire that she had made for me and we were carrying a significant amount of his own photography equipment. Surprisingly to me, once we got down to the beach, he did not begin taking photos but instead got down on one knee and proposed. Obviously I said “a thousand times yes.”

Dotun: The plan had always been to propose at Discovery Park, Seattle, the place we officially started dating. I had talked Lea into coming to Seattle in May but as fate would have, COVID 19 ensured we were quarantined together. I spoke with two of our common friends in Jan 2020 to help me with planning and they did and excellent job. Living with Lea between March and June 2020 did not make it easy for me to plan and coordinate the proposal. I guess I did a decent job as she had no clue about the proposal.



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