Laynee and Daniel

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How We Met

We met through a mutual friend who I (Laynee) went to school with in Dallas. He brought Daniel over to a friends house with him one night and I knew the second I met him that I was in love. Lol! He was so tall and handsome, dark hair, yes. We barely talked though because he’s pretty quiet and I’m the complete opposite. So I went back to New Mexico for the summer and he stayed in Texas where he’s from. When I came back we started to date, dated for about a month ha! He was playing college baseball and I was running for my school so we were very busy and trying to get to know each other, it just wasn’t the right time, and we were young and dumb. So I broke up with him and he told me when I did that he knew I was running away from him and he’d wait. And he did. Ha! We were apart for about a year and a half. I had moved back to NM. We would chat here and there but I figured he had moved on. But then he texted me one day and kept texting me the next couple days…then called me one day and told me his team was playing close by a couple weeks later and asked if I was close or could come! I said um heck yes, plus my mom loved him and I mentioned it and she was like I’LL DRIVE. We went down there I went to dinner with Daniel the first night and we got back together basically that weekend haha, I moved back to Fort Worth later that summer and the rest was history.

how they asked

I knew he either had the ring or was going to get it soon. We had discussed getting engaged for a while. 7 months after I looked at rings I started to forget about it haha. My dad was a state police officer my whole life and Daniel gets speeding tickets more than anyone I know. Other than my mother! So we were going to my favorite restaurant one night and he was a little weird when we left his house so I had the idea that maybe he was going to propose at the restaurant. He was driving fast as usual and speeding in and out of traffic in downtown ft worth, was nagging as usual telling him to slow down. So we pulled into the parking lot and he told me we couldn’t get out yet the table wasn’t ready I started getting grumpy because I was hungry! Then he gets a phone call from his brother saying his sister has a flat tire around the corner so as Daniel is reversing a cop car drives in the parking lot and I start worrying. I mean he does get a million tickets he probably had a warrant for the last one haha! We pull out and the cop immediately pulls us over. I think my engagement is over he’s going to jail for reckless driving hah!!!! They do the usual ask for drivers liscense and registration then ask him to get out of the car! I start freaking out about to call his dad, and the other officer comes to my door and asks me weird questions about him. Then asks me to step out of the vehicle. I’m shaking at this point I think that they are thinking we committed some crime or God knows what! And I turn the corner and they have their car spotlight on Daniel and he’s down on one knee with a freaking ring!

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I about passed out I was confused! The cops started laughing at me because I was like omg what’s going on!!! Then we ate at our favorite restaurant with our favorite bottle of red wine and a huge bouquet of my favorite flowers!

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Special Thanks

Ashley Rutland
 | Photography