Layne and Kyle

How We Met

Kyle and I met drunkenly in college back in 2010. It was the classic young love story where we never really spoke until after I graduated. But as soon as we kissed in an old Buffalo bar, it was immediate fire works. It was a moment I’ll never forget. Both tipsy from the wine and the music; both lost in each others embrace. As bold as we both were that night – it felt oddly familiar. We played cat and mouse for a few weeks but eventually grew tired of not being together. We had a connection that was indescribable. I was drawn to him. And as soon as we began dating, my soul felt at home.

Image 1 of Layne and Kyle

how they asked

Kyle plays professional hockey in Bayern – Germany. After we graduated college, he played in the States for a few years but eventually grew tired of the same old song and dance and wanted to try his talents in Europe. We’ve always been a “ride-or-die” couple where we’ve always functioned as a team. If he was going to Europe, I was going with him. On February 13th, 2017, Kyle and I decided to plan a trip to the Neuschwanstein Castle. The castle is supposedly the muse for Disney’s Cinderella’s castle. It’s in a cozy, sleepy village and is one of the most romantic castles in the world due to its fairy tail origins. After driving three hours to the sweet town, roaming the castle grounds, and soaking in the sites, we made our way to a bridge that overlooks the castle from afar. It was there that Kyle went over to another tourist to ask if she could take our picture. Little did I know, he told her he was proposing and to take as many pictures as possible. As I posed for our photo, with the Disney castle in the background, Kyle left my side and got down on one knee.

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I was so shocked by the entire proposal, I don’t even remember what he said! All I remember him saying is how much he loved me and that there was no better time than now.

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I bawled my eyes out as I looked at my best friend, my partner in crime, kneeling down in front of me asking me to be his wife. I’ve never felt more wanted, more special, and more love in all my life.

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