Layne and Devin


How We Met

We met online. I knew from the moment that we first talked on the phone that he was someone that I wouldn’t want to let go. And from the third phone call I knew he was going to be the one I married

how they asked

We were having a cookout at my house that day, for the fun of it. And I had just gotten my hair done earlier in the day and Devin went with me, afterwards I was just going to head straight home, but he wanted to go shopping. It felt weird because it felt like he wanted to keep us out for a bit, but I had a cookout to go to. We stayed out for about two hours longer than I anticipated. We arrived back at my house and he went upstairs and got me a cute shirt to change into, which really struck me as odd. For the next 30 minutes he was telling me to go outside and help my father with the hotdogs or to go sit down and watch Tennessee play football. He finally walked in and he was so nervous and shaking and he handed me paper plates. On them were “I love you”, “you are the love of my life”, “I don’t want anyone else but you”, and finally “will you marry me?” He was so nervous that I had to shove him down to one knee and of course I said yes. And then my friends jumped out from behind a door and yelled surprise, that’s why he had been driving me around in circles, so that they could share this moment with me. The next morning my mom told me that in that exact same place is where my father proposed to her and that made it even better than it already was.