Layne and Derick

How We Met

We met in class at the University of Texas at Tyler in January of 2014. If it hadn’t of been for Derick always having to ask me for a piece of paper we probably wouldn’t have talked, other than the awkward smile and head nod we gave each other as we sat down next to each other at the beginning of class. Fast forward to a year later… another class, another classroom, but the same silly smiles when we both realized we were in the same class. This time though, Derick made a move. Derick “slid into my DMs” as they call it these days (aka he sent her a message on Twitter) asking about her dogs because he had seen her walking them around campus. The rest is history…

how they asked

Our two year anniversary was approaching & Derick’s little brother texted me to see if we were free on Saturday to do a photo shoot to build his portfolio. He said he had so much fun doing a couples shoot a few months before & wanted to do another one. Of course I said yes! I love photos. The photo shoot was going great, we left one location & went to another… little did I know the ring was in the camera bag the entire time. After about 15 minutes, the love of my life got down on one knee & asked me to spend forever with him! It was absolutely magical. To top it off, Derick had our families & closest friends (from all over the state) drive in to surprise me! I could not have imagined a better or more perfect day (or fiancé)!

Layne's Proposal in Tyler, Texas

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