Taylor and Michael's Law School Marriage Proposal

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How we met: I (Michael) graduated from Boston College (’09) and Taylor graduated from Boston University (’10). Although we both went to college in Boston, we didn’t meet until our first year at Pace Law School. We were in the same section together so we had all the same classes for the first year of school. We were acquaintances at first and spoke once in a while before and after class (our first actual conversation being right outside of the library), but as the year went on we became closer friends. I didn’t have the courage to ask her out during our first year of school, although I desperately wanted to, because I was worried that if she said no it would be awkward in class. So I withheld my feelings all of first year through the summer and planned to ask her out during our second year of school when the time was right. A few weeks into the Fall semester Taylor happened to be walking out of the library while I was walking inside. We talked for a few minutes and she asked me (although she would probably disagree) to join her to study together in a library study room. I did, and we decided to have weekly study sessions every Thursday between classes. I restrained myself from asking her out for several weeks until the day before our first final exam of the semester. Her answer wasn’t very clear (I’m pretty sure it was something along the lines of “we’ll see”), nonetheless, a few weeks later we started dating and about 2 1/2 years later I proposed.

how they asked: I wanted to propose somewhere that had meaning to us. I felt the best place was right outside the Pace Law School library where we spoke for the first time and where our study sessions began. During the weeks leading up to the proposal, I arranged for our favorite professor to lure Taylor to the library under the pretense of speaking to several students about her new job. Once Taylor arrived, the professor escorted her to the bench right outside the library where flowers and a note detailing all of the proposal planning was waiting for her. As she read the note, I was watching from inside the library. When she was probably about half way through I walked outside and the video/photos (courtesy of Alexandra T. Wren Photography) explain the rest.

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When we left the school, there was one more surprise. We went to the restaurant where we had our first official date where both of our families were waiting to be part of the moment…


Photography and Videography by Alexandra T. Wren Photography