Lauryn and Nate

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How We Met

Nate and I met through mutual friends after my freshman year in college at the University of Delaware. I was moving into my new apartment that was in the same complex as my best friend Ashley, and Nate’s best friend Ryan’s apartment. They came over while I was trying to get situated in the new place. I had a rough summer, and was recovering from getting my tonsils removed. Nate met me when I was….to be honest really sucking at life (lol it’s funny now). The first month of our friendship, Nate was constantly seeing me at the most ridiculous times, and I was always struggling like the complete hot mess that I tend to be. I was always falling or embarrassing myself, and he would just laugh at me. We even ended up getting into a car accident, that I swore was all of my fault because my luck was truly in the gutters. We became friends right away, and the four of us (Ryan, Ashley, Nate and I) were nearly inseparable.

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When we met neither of us thought we wanted a relationship anytime soon, and it took months of us hanging out, and not speaking about whether or not we wanted to be together until we made the move to be “official.” I remember walking on campus one day, and talking to myself (in my head of course)…. and saying “you know he’s a really good guy, so if you’re meant to be together maybe there will be a sign.” I convinced myself that if I ran into him on my way to practice, then it would be a sign that I should be with him. Sure enough, as I was walking into the gym, he was just leaving a class and was about to ride home on his long board.

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We said hi briefly before I had to go to practice. I could not believe it, I was seriously shocked, and a little freaked out. After that I would run into him at parties, friend’s houses, etc. And a few months later we officially started dating. We even found out that my mother, and his father grew up houses away from each other, and that our families come from the same town in Pennsylvania.They graduated from the same high school and our grandparents still live in the same neighborhood across the way from each other. It was such a shocking discovery!

After nearly four years we were engaged and I simply could not imagine my life without him.

how they asked

This past April, both Nate and I were so blessed to be a part of his sister Amelia’s bridal party! As the big day was coming around, all of us were pretty stressed trying to make sure everything was perfect. Little did I know, Nate and his family had plans beyond just the wedding on April 16th 2016! At some point during the month, Nate shared the news with my father. My dad decided it was not a good idea to tell my mom, because my grandfather was in the hospital. Also, because frankly… no one thought she would be able to hold it together enough for me to not find out. Eventually my dad decided it was a good idea to tell her, and I had no idea!

She had the stress of my grandfather in the hospital to keep me sidetracked, and I still did not suspect a thing. On the day of the wedding I kept telling Nate’s mom “It’s okay once today is over you will not have to worry about weddings for so long!” Little did I know, everyone knew that Nate was planning to propose at some point during the day. After the beautiful ceremony, we went to the reception site to take pictures. When it was time for “couple pictures,” Nate asked me to marry him!

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I would tell you all of the details, but to be completely honest I completely blanked! I also could not believe that they all kept it from me! & that Amelia shared the spotlight of her day with us for a few minutes.

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It was such a kind, selfless and loving gesture. It was amazing to be able to celebrate such a love filled day with his family, knowing they all had a little part in our proposal. We have beautiful pictures to remember the day forever.

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