Lauryn and Mitch

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How We Met

Mitch and I met on move-in weekend our freshman year of college (just about 5 years ago). We lived three doors down from each other in the dorms and had a few classes together. At the end of our first week of college, I sprained my ankle while walking down the stairs. I know, I know… such a clutz! After my roommate took me to the emergency room, I soon had to face the fact that the first few weeks of my “college experience” would be tainted by crutches, bed sores, and an ankle the size of a softball. When Mitch heard about my injury, he offered to come help me wrap my ankle and do some light physical therapy exercises.

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I had never injured myself like that before, but Mitch was a volleyball player who had plenty of sprained ankle experience. I instantly had a crush on the cute boy from down the hall and would look forward to his daily visits when he would check up on me. I couldn’t help but think about my dad’s “words of wisdom” when he dropped me off for college… “Don’t fall in love with the first boy you meet!” We were dating within a month. Whoops, sorry Dad!

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how they asked

I won a “free engagement shoot” from Laura & Rachel Photography in a raffle at a Bridal Fashion Show (that I was attending for a friend) last September. Mitch and I weren’t engaged at the time, but we happened to be celebrating 4 years together the day after the event, so it seemed like the perfect time for a portrait session! Laura and Rachel were so sweet and we had such a fun time taking pictures with them. Mitch and I developed a great friendship with the mother-daughter (dynamite!) duo that resulted in us modeling as a bride and groom for a couple of their styled shoots. I got a text from Laura on July 10th asking if Mitch and I would be available to model for their new style guide. Of course, we said yes!

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Laura told me the date and time they were planning to shoot and set me up with hair and makeup appointments. July 20th rolled around and Mitch and I got all gussied up for the session. We met Laura and Rachel in Carmel and followed them down the coast to Big Sur. We posed in the positions we’ve come to know so well and laughed at the fact that I was wearing giant heels while trying to walk on a dirt path on the edge of a 75 foot cliff… (In my defense, I didn’t know where we were going to shoot!).

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About halfway into the session, Laura and Rachel asked Mitch to step out of the shot so they could get some solo pictures of me.

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They had me turn and face the ocean, with my back to them. I heard a couple “clicks” of the camera before I heard Mitch’s footsteps approaching. I remember thinking, “What is he doing?… WHY would he be walking into the shot?!” I refrained from turning around… until I felt a tap on my shoulder.

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I looked over to see Mitch dropping down on one knee with the Pacific Ocean acting as the most beautiful backdrop behind him. The words I’ve been waiting almost five years to hear came out of his mouth in the most eloquent way… “Lauryn Michele Fouser, will you marry me?”

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I looked up and saw Laura and Rachel clicking away with huge grins painted on their faces. I looked back at Mitch and took a few seconds to soak up the moment before answering, “YES!” in a shaking voice.

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We stood on the edge of that cliff and took some time to enjoy the moment together… laughing, crying, kissing. I’ve never felt a rush of emotions the way that I did on that day. Overwhelmed with love, gratitude, and happiness, Mitch and I embarked on a new chapter of this beautiful life together.

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Come to find out, Mitch had been planning this proposal with Laura and Rachel since JANUARY! They knew I would have my nails, hair, and makeup done, plus I would be dressed halfway decent ;) I couldn’t have planned it better myself… Great job guys!

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