The Skinny Confidential's Lauryn and Michael Get Engaged!

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how we met

Michael and I met in sixth grade. Yup. Crazy right? I was like 5’7 & he was a good 5’3 when we met (people thought I was his babysitter, LOL) He’s grown since! We started dating and fell ‘madly in love’ in elementary school. We’d sneak into movie theaters and make out, go to the Del Mar fair, and hang out at each other’s houses with the door open (thanks Dad!).

Michael and I dated through 8th grade until we parted ways. High school was coming, and that meant boys, boys, boys. Needless to say, we both went on to date other people. We still talked occasionally & he’d ask me out on dates. He kind of didn’t have luck on this one. College came around & he tricked me into going to Vegas with him by saying it was a huge group of friends. I was fresh out of a relationship so I was hesitant.

Finally after some major convincing, I hopped on a plane to Vegas to meet Michael & some friends. He ended up totally impressing me with his quick wit, business sense, and of course, romantic ways— & I realized I had what I was looking for the whole time in front me: a best friend who really gets me. The rest is history.

We went on to date for a couple of years, and now… We’re engaged! I love our life. I love his family. I love the way he loves our dogs.

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how they asked

It was A TOTAL SURPRISE. Really, I zero idea Michael was proposing that night…and I feel like I’m hard to surprise.

The night it all went down, I was having dinner at a friend’s house. I didn’t know it then, but Michael had asked them to distract me so he could get prepare the proposal. When I got home my house was completely transformed. Dimmed lights, Flaming Hot Cheetos ( HA! ), light beers, a little champagne, pizza, mixed berries, some Bossanova, A KALE SMOOTHIE (!!!) & candles. Pretty much all my favorites.

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Michael had set it all up for me. Completely private, just us two. No cameras, social media, people, & totally in the privacy of my home.

He got down on one knee, told me how he knew he wanted to marry me since 6th grade, & popped the question. Our life is very public, so the fact that it was just us two made it really special. He’s a keeper.

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