Lauryn and Joshua


How We Met

We met on Tinder three years ago, he was the only guy I had agreed to go on a date with.  We were talking for a month before finally deciding on what we would do (he wanted it to be different and a little unusual, we decided on rock climbing).  I was moving the weekend we had set our date for and was so preoccupied with moving logistics, packing etc. that I completely forgot about the date and accidentally stood him up! He surprisingly kept talking to me but no more talks about a date.  A couple weeks later I was at a bar with some girlfriends and had run into an ex and his new girlfriend (awkward!) when this guy turned around from the bar, literally ran into and spilled his drink on me.  We were staring at each other for what felt like forever before he finally said “Lauryn?”.  I recognized him immediately and turns out we were both there with mutual friends we didn’t know we had.  He took me on our first date two days later, which consisted of us laying in a hammock at The Wedge watching sail boats go by and Bear Flag (perfection) and the rest is history!

how they asked

We went to LA to have dinner and see a movie in the park with some friends.  We had parked at LACMA and I told him I wanted to take a picture at the Urban Lights.  It was still light out and he suggested we wait until after dinner when the lights would be on for a better picture.  Dinner was great and we were heading back to LACMA to drive to the movie.  We stopped for our picture and after he said “oh I forgot I have something for you” he reached into his pocket and pulled out a Swarovski Crystal fortune cookie (back story, I love fortune cookies and when I was a little girl, told my parents I wanted to get engaged with a fortune cookie.  My mom found one years later and has been holding on to it for 10 years until it was time to pass it along to my future husband) in my mind I was thinking, “that’s funny, I wanted to get engaged this way when I was little (so oblivious to what was happening).  I opened it up and inside was the most gorgeous ring, I looked up to find him down on one knee.  I was so shocked! I knew this would be happening at some point in the year, but I thought for sure Summer or Fall, not now.  He asked me to marry him and I just kept asking “is this real?!” I finally realized it was in fact real and said YES! Once he put the ring on and we had a few moments he suggested we grab a drink and call my parents.  While heading to the bar, I saw my parents and sister and our closest family friends one of whom flew in from DC.  I also didn’t realize that there was someone taking photos 5 ft. away from us the whole time who was also a close family friend.  After hugging everyone and crying a lot, we had a couple drinks and took a party bus home!  By far the most amazing night and moment of my life.  He is truly the most wonderful man and I am so excited to call him my Fiancé!


Special Thanks

Lorna Holt Photography